A Clingy New Monster called the Tulip Snake Has Arrived in Lethal Company

There are many monsters that want to give you a big hug in Lethal Company, but none were as sticky as the new Tulip Snakes monster from the v50 update.

New update of Monster in Lethal Company v50

The Lethal Company v50 has been on the beta public test servers for a while, bringing new moons, monsters and weapons. I don't think anyone expected more content to be added to v50 before it went live for everyone but Zeekersthe developer of the game, gave us a pleasant surprise by adding yet another monster, the Tulip Snake.

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On April 12, Zeekerss posted an update on the announcement channel of the official The Dark Place Travelers Discord server. This message included all the changes that were made to the v50 beta version, including “increasing the amount of little badonkly goober guys'.

Of course, this got everyone on Discord wondering who exactly the bad guys were. Some speculated that it was just another update for the Baboon Hawks because the text specifically mentioned an external monster that can appear on forest moons during the day

However, the main problem with this assumption is that Baboon Hawks also spawn on desert planets like Assurance. Another thing was that Zeekerss mentioned that the number of these monsters increased from the previous number which was 0. This means that new monster, confirmed to be the Tulip Snakecame to play, and boy, is it exciting to give you a hug.

If you want to find and see the new monster, you can join the public beta test servers and land on any of the forest moons, such as Vow, March, and Adamance. Don't confuse them with the Manticoils, another bird-like creature that flees as soon as you approach them.

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