A highly requested feature is coming to XDefiant soon, an Executive Producer confirms

Ubisoft’s latest free-to-play online shooter XDefiant, still hot off the press after its May 21, 2024 release, remains popular despite some glaring issues like buggy online code and missing features, one of which is a kill cam. Now it looks like it will be here sooner rather than later.

The news comes courtesy of Mark Rubin, XDefiant Executive Producer at Ubisoft in San Francisco, who recently responded to a user on X (formerly known as Twitter) asking for an update on kill cams. Rubin reassured the fan and confirmed the existence of the cameras noting that they are currently being worked on and that the developer has already even tested them. Unsurprisingly, they still require a lot of tuning and improvement, but rest assured they are well on their way.

Naturally, XDefiant players are pleased as punch about the news. But it’s worth noting that the introduction of kill cams could bring with it some unintended consequences – a kind of pandora’s box, if you will. With the game’s network coding issues worse than ever (even after the game’s latest patch), players are still doing double takes wondering how the hell they just got shot from behind a wall.

This means that the all-seeing eye of a killer cam could further expose XDefiant’s poor network code and inconsistent hit recording. For a game that already receives a lot of pushback on the matter, this could become very problematic for developer Ubisoft.

With any luck, they’ll fix their network coding issues before rolling out the kill cam feature or at the same time. If not, the explosive combo of lethal cams and long-unaddressed hit-registration issues just might spell the beginning of the end for XDefiant. And no one wants that—not me, not Ubisoft.

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