A Type Soul leak pretty much confirms that Aizen Shikai will be coming in the next update

If rumors are true, Aisen Shikai moves are coming to the Soul Type this weekend! Something is brewing behind the scenes as it appears that the developers are preparing a new character.

Rumors started a few days ago when NuovaPrimed, one of the developers of Type Soul, posted on Discord that he is trying to complete work on the new Shikai for the next update. Many players thought of Sosuke Aizen from To whiten, hoping for a chance to use his powerful abilities. Not long after the announcement of the developer, streamer NanoProdigy showed leaked moves of Aizen Shikai on his live stream.

Image by Pro Game Guides

The leak showed two moves. First, a purple outline around the player activates when they are hit, causing them to teleport behind the attacker. This ability seems to work as a counter.

Player uses what looks like an Aizen Shikai counter move
Screenshot via NanoProdigy Twitch

The second ability involves summoning the clone of a player who attacks the opponent. It's interesting that the clone is hard to kill; even after multiple hits, the duplicate continued to attack.

Player using what appears to be an Aizen Shikai clone move
Screenshot via NanoProdigy Twitch

We have to admit that, at first glance, those abilities look too strong. This may have been a video of early development, as it would be very difficult to defeat an enemy that creates a clone that can use essences and weapons. As with all leaks, this may prove to be just a testing phase, and we're actually getting a severely nerfed version that may land at the bottom of the Type Soul Shikai tier list.

The community is divided on this, and some don't even believe this is Aizen Shikai in the first place. They believe that these movements are more similar to Shinji Hirako. While the jury is still out, we all hope that the mystery will be solved in the coming days with the new Type Soul update.

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