After negative fan feedback, Roblox developer promises improved F2P experience

It’s not easy being a Roblox developer. You have to find a good balance between free content and getting players to spend Robux. If you fail, fans will come after you. This happened to one Roblox developer, forcing them to apologize and promise an improved F2P experience.

The Anime Defenders community has been disappointed by the recent introduction of what they believe are pay-to-win mechanics in the latest update. Players have expressed dismay at the requirement to grind extensively to receive Wishes needed for a special summon. Negative fan reactions forced the developer of Anime Defenders to issue a statement and admit a mistake.

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“We take full responsibility for missing the mark on this one. We love our community and F2P players and fully deserve the hate right now – we didn’t mean to let everyone down with this latest update.” Developers have gone so far as to promise more grinding fun (does that exist?), F2P-friendly, more reasonably priced future products, and, in general, more rewarding experiences. What does that really mean?

Anime Defenders is a popular tower defense Roblox experience that introduced several modes where you have to spend hours grinding resources. But that’s your typical Roblox game, some will say. Well, the latest update introduced a Hall of Mirrors where you have to survive 30 minutes on the hardest difficulty for a chance to get Wishes. Even if you get a few of them, the chances of summoning better units are extremely low (0.1% for Shadow Dragon and 0.7% for Legion Commander).

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On the other hand, developers have proposed a solution if you want to spend a lot of Robux. One Wish will cost you 249 Robux, which is way too much by any gacha standards. That prompted players to complain, so we’ll see if the next Anime Defenders update brings the promised changes.

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