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Besides playing Kill Sound IDs, one of the best methods to troll opponents in The Strongest Battlegrounds is to use commands that give unique functions. So, here is a list of all the admin commands in The Strongest Battlefields to mock with your friends.

All Executive Commands in The Strongest Battlefields

Below is the list of all the commands in The Strongest Battlefields. Play around with the controls to troll and troll with your friends in the game.

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  • /ban (username)
    • Description: Bans the player from the server
    • Example: /ban ranyel
  • /unban (username)
    • Description: Removes the player from the ban list
    • Example: /unban ranyel
  • /kick (username)
    • Description: Drops the specified user from the server
    • Example: /kick ranyel
  • /godmode (username)
    • Description: The player will no longer take damage
    • Example: /godmode ranyel
  • /flight (username)
    • Description: The player can fly in the sky
    • Example: /fly ranyel
  • /unfly (username)
    • Description: The player can no longer fly
    • Example: /unfly ranyel
  • /size (username) (size)
    • Description: The player can change the size of his body. + values ​​increase the size, while negative values ​​decrease.
    • Example: /size ranyel 10 or /size ranyel -10
  • /announce (text)
    • Description: Make an announcement to the entire server
    • Example: /announce The usual match between a and b will start in 10 minutes
  • /respawn (user)
    • Description: Revive the mentioned player
    • Example: /respawn ranyel
  • /port (user)
    • Description: Brings the mentioned player close to the manager
    • Example: /port ranyel
  • /goto (username)
    • Description: Teleport to the specified player
    • Example: /goto ranyel

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Using Commands in the Strongest Battlefields

You have to buy the Private Servers+ feature for 499 Robux from the store to use the commands in The Strongest Battlegrounds. It's a one-time purchase, and you can get access to private servers forever.

The Private Server + pass on the store of Strongest battlefields
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After purchase, you can enter the above commands in the server notification bar at the top left of the menu and press enter to execute it.

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