All Buildings and Famous Places in Dust Journey – Roblox

Understanding all the buildings and landmarks in A Dusty Trip is essential to gathering resources and surviving the game. Here's a list of all the buildings and landmarks in the game to help you identify areas that are essential for hijacking.

All Buildings in Dust Journey – Roblox

In Dust Journey, the types of buildings you encounter are varied and appear randomly as you travel. This unpredictability adds an exciting element to the game. You will find a detailed list of each building and its loot here.

Starter House/ Building

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Indicative of its name, it is the starting house from which we start our game. It has a car, a van, several vehicles and some food to start your journey.


Player standing in front of a garage in A Dusty Trip
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The Garage is a brown building with a single metal shutter at the front and no other entry points. It usually contains a few mutants and 1 to 3 cans of fuel, among other cosmetic items like silverware and more. There is also a large version of the Garage with more loot and mutants.


A Store in a Dusty Trip
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The store is a great place to look for any necessities. You can find almost all kinds of items, from loaded guns to food, without any NPC villains in the game. I highly recommend checking out the store if you find them along the way.

Fuel Pumps

A Fuel Pumps in A Dusty Trip
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As the name suggests, they are gas stations where you can get fuel for your vehicles and store more in your jerry cans. However, the main concern is that fuel pumps are flooded with mutants, and you have to eliminate several mutants to take possession of the station.


Two Towers in Dsuty Journey
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The Tower is quite an attractive destination due to its height and the ability to see it from afar. Although the building is quite large, it has few resources, and you can only get a few reeds at most.

Gas station

Gas Station in Dusty Journey
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A Gas Station can be considered a combination of Fuel Pumps and a Store. The only downside is that it's rare to spot one, and it only appears after the ten mark.

a house

House and car in A Dusty Trip
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There are different types of houses in A Dusty Trip. Some have a red roof, while others are cement-based structures. Regardless of the difference, almost every home has gas, fuel, water and, if you're lucky, a weapon.


A Storehouse in A Dsuty Trip
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Warehouses are large spaces that usually have empty loot. Searching these places is a waste of time and much better alternatives like a store or a house because several advanced mutants would tear you apart when they see you without any weapons.


Player spotting a church in A Dusty Trip
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The Church is a famous building that appears after 10 km in your journey. You can find the fabled Vampire NPC and other mutants inside the building. Defeat the monster to get various resources such as projectiles.

In addition to the above buildings, there are several small buildings, such as the bus stop and stable. But they have little to no loot, and people usually pass them by because of their size.

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Landmarks are permanent buildings mostly used to measure player progress in the game. For example, passing the check indicates that you have crossed the 7500M mark in the game.


A car jumping the bridge ramp in A Dusty Trip
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The bridge is the first landmark in the game, appearing at 5,000M. The initial part of the bridge is easy to drive while crossing the final part requires jumping a ramp at over 50 km/h.


Checkpost in Dusty Journey
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The Checkpoint appears after crossing 7500M in the game. Here, you will find some buildings with enemies on both sides of the road. Crossing the area is better than fighting mutants for some loot.


Canyon in Dust Trip
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The Canyon is a fortified area at 10km with lots of mutants and sniping bandits. To escape the incoming bullets, it is recommended to hide your resources inside your car, such as Jerry Cans, and close all four doors before entering the area.

Outpost Tunnel Camp

A Tunnel Camp in A Dusty Trip
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The Tunnel Camp is a military-style shelter at the 15km mark. There are no enemies here, and you can find several valuable resources, such as gas, water, food, and the fabled V8 engine. Provide all the resources to prepare the next Ghost Town.

Ghost town

Ghost Town in Dusty Journey
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Currently, Ghost Town is the final area of ​​A Dusty Trip, at 20 km. That whole village has almost 50 to 100 cowboy mutants. Compared to a normal mutant, these cowboy mutants have increased health pool, movement speed and damage number. It would help if you had a whole party of 4 people and dozens of weapons to clear the area. Only a handful of people passed through the city, and I wish you the best in conquering this village with your friends.

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