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There are many tools to use when ghost hunting in Phasmophobia, but the scariest of them are Cursed Objects. These unique items can give you an edge, or put you in the crosshairs of the supernatural, and they’re back again in Point Hope. If you’re wondering where to find them, here’s our handy guide to all the Cursed Objects locations at Point Hope in Phasmophobia.

Where to find all Point Hope Cursed Objects in Phasmophobia

Below we have listed them all seven Cursed Objects that can be found on the Point Hope map in Phasmophobia, what abilities they have, and where they are guaranteed to spawn. Traditionally, only one Cursed Object appears on a map during a hunt, and it’s up to you to search the map to find out which one it is. Using it is completely optional, but some Daily/Weekly Challenges may encourage you to do so.

If you use Custom Mode, you can spawn more than one Cursed Object at once, but be aware that your Reward Multiplier will take a huge hit as a result.

Cursed Object #1 – Tarot Cards (Ground Floor Living Room; next to green couch)

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The stack of Tarot Cards can be found sitting on a side dresser next to the green couch and armchair in the Living Room area of ​​the first floor.

If you pick them up and use them, Tarot Cards are a dangerous roulette of 10 possible outcomes. They may contain the following:

  • The Fool – Will turn into another randomly selected card before burning. The only possible draw when hunting.
  • The Hanged Man – Instantly kills the player who drew the card.
  • The Wheel of Fortune – The player drawing the card will gain 25% sanity if it burns green or lose 25% sanity if it burns red instead.
  • The Tower – All ghost activity is doubled for 20 seconds.
  • The Hermit – Teleports the ghost back to its original room and traps it inside for exactly one minute. Cannot be drawn or used during events or hunts.
  • The Devil – Will trigger a ghost event around the player closest to the ghost’s location.
  • death – Will trigger a Cursed Hunt, which ignores sane thresholds and is much longer than a regular hunt. It can also start immediately after a previous regular hunt, ignoring the cooldown timer.
  • The Moon – Immediately drops the sanity of the player drawing the card to 0%.
  • the sun – Instantly restores the sanity of the player drawing the card to 100%.
  • The High Priestess – Instantly revives a random dead player at the location of their corpse, if any. If no one has died while drawing the card, the effect will be used the next time a player dies during the respective hunt.

Cursed Object #2 – Ouija Board (Fourth Floor Game Room; on middle pillar shelf)

Ouija Board at Point Hope in Phasmophobia
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The Ouija Board is found sitting on the circular shelf surrounding the pillar in the middle of the Game Room, directly above some books.

This Cursed Object can be used to ask the ghost haunting the place various questions (eg ghost’s exact location, age, etc) before the board itself breaks. Having full sanity before using this item is highly recommended, as each question will drain a large amount of it.

Cursed Object #3 – Haunted Mirror (Third Floor Dining Room; leaning against cupboard near stairs)

Haunted Mirror at Point Hope in Phasmophobia
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The Haunted Mirror can be found in Point Hope tilted against a tall cupboard on the Dining Room floornear the stairs leading up.

This is one of the least damaging Cursed Items you can use out of the set, and at the same time one of the most helpful. If you look at it, the ghost’s current “room” will be visually revealed if you know what you’re looking at. This can be especially helpful at the beginning of an investigation, as you can effectively set up most of your equipment before the ghost starts to get restless and more active.

However, be careful not to stare too long into the Haunted Mirror, as each short use will drain 20% of your sanity. If you use it fully, your sanity will reach 0%, the mirror will break and a Cursed Hunt will start immediately, so it’s best to avoid that.

Cursed Object #4 – Music Box (Sixth Floor Master Bedroom; on vanity table)

Music box at Point Hope in Phasmophobia
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The Music Box at Point Hope is located up in the Master Bedroom on the sixth floor from the lighthouse, sitting innocently on the vanity table by the door entrance.

The Music Box is another Cursed Item that you need to take extra care when using. As expected, opening it will cause music to start playing, and it effectively reveals the ghost’s current location by triggering a special extended ghost event. It’s also a handy way to take a ghost photo if you’re playing with a friend.

However, there are various conditions to be aware of when using this Cursed Object. If you use it too close to the ghost’s current location or throw it near them while the music is playing, a Cursed Hunt will trigger immediately. Also, if you use it too far away from the ghost and it has to walk more than five meters to reach you, a hunt can be triggered that way too.

Using this Cursed Item is basically a big roll of the dice, so handle it as you see fit.

Cursed Object #5 – Summoning Circle (Fifth Floor Bathroom; in front of bathtub)

Summoning Circle at Point Hope in Phasmophobia
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The Summoning Circle at Point Hope is located up on the fifth floor, in the Bathroom near the bathtub on the tiled floor. We’re not sure, though, if toilet paper is an effective appeal tool (we catch).

This particular Cursed Object can only be used if you basically have near or full sanity, and its main purpose is to initiate Cursed Hunt, rather than as a side effect. By lighting the five candles surrounding the summoning circle (each will drain 16% of your sanity), the ghost will be summoned within it, and a ghost event will occur for five seconds. This is a prime opportunity for ghost photos if you have a camera at hand or any other related purposes.

However, Cursed Hunt will start right after that event, so make sure you also have Incense and an escape route ready to use.

Cursed Object #6 – Voodoo Doll (Seventh Floor Bedroom; on top of dresser)

Voodoo Doll at Point Hope in Phasmophobia
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The Voodoo Doll at Point Hope can be found sitting on a chest of drawers inside the Children’s Bedroom on the seventh floor.

This Cursed Object is another flimsy one as it can be incredibly helpful but at the same time, you’ll need to be prepared to dodge a Cursed Hunt if you’re unlucky. Upon retrieving the Voodoo Doll and interacting with it, a random selection of needles will be poked in, which forces the ghost to perform clue-related interactions (eg EMF reading, UV prints, etc), at the cost of 5% sanity each time.

However, if the needle in the heart area is bumped into, you will lose 10% sanity and a Cursed Hunt will begin immediately. So be sure to find a practical hiding place before you even consider using this Cursed Object.

Cursed Object #7 – Monkey Foot (Eight Floor Maintenance Room; next to rocking horse)

Monkey Paw at Point Hope in Phasmophobia
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The final cursed item that can be found at Point Hope is the Monkey’s Foot, and it will be sitting on a woodworking table on the Maintenance Floor near the top of the lighthouse.

The Monkey Foot is like a mix of the Ouija Board and Tarot Cards, because you can verbally ask it for a total of three wishes (or more, depending on the difficulty reward multiplier) of multiple possibilities. It is also seen as probably the most useful Cursed Object, due to the variety of helpful requests that can be asked of it to complete objectives, albeit still with caveats. They may include the following:

  • “I wish for anything” – Randomly grants any of the other wish requests.
  • “I wish to see the ghost” – A Summoning Circle style ghost event will trigger at the ghost’s current location. A Cursed Hunt will start right after the event ends and your vision will be blurred, so be careful.
  • “I wish to catch the ghost” – Teleports the ghost back to its current “room” and locks all doors in its vicinity for one minute. It will also lock the doors surrounding the Cursed Object user during that time, including the exit door if it’s nearby, so be careful where you use it. A regular hunt will begin once the lockdown expires.
  • “I wish (weather)” – If you want to change the weather outside, then ask for “clear sky”, “fog”, “rain”, “snow”, or “sun”. You will be temporarily blinded while the change takes place, and you will also lose 25% sanity.
  • “I want action” – Duplicates all ghost activity for two minutes, however, the fuse box will break for the remainder of the investigation and the exit door will be locked for those two minutes. This is only recommended if you are dealing with a “shy” ghost that doesn’t interact much outside of hunting.
  • “I want sanity” – Sets everyone’s sanity to exactly 50%, the traditional threshold for hunting, and passive sanity drain will increase for the rest of the investigation. The ghost will also be moved to a new favorite “room”. This cheat wish is not highly recommended, except as a last resort when your team is out of sane medicine and lacks sane around.
  • “I wish to leave” – Unlocks all exit doors, including while hunting. However, your walking speed will temporarily decrease before slowly returning for 5 seconds, and your vision will also temporarily blur. Recommended if you are already near an exit and need to get out.
  • “I want life” – Automatically revives a dead player if there is one, but also has a 50% chance to kill the wisher in return.
  • “I want knowledge” – Removes incorrect evidence from your Journal and any ghosts subsequently attached to that particular evidence. However, a Cursed Hunt will begin immediately upon use near your location, and your vision and hearing abilities will be significantly hindered for the remainder of the investigation. This is only recommended with friends, as the user can retreat to the van after the Cursed Hunt while the rest of the team finishes the objectives.
  • “I wish to be safe” – This wish unlocks or unlocks the nearest hideout, however all the lights in the user’s current room will shatter and the ghost will be able to hear and detect active electronics from them at any distance.

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