All Destiny 2 Prismatic Subclass Abilities

The Destiny 2 Final Shape DLC update will introduce a new subclass called Prismatic, which allows players to mix and match various abilities in the game. So, here is a list of all Destiny 2 Prismatic subclasses and their abilities for each class in the game.

All Prism Subclass Abilities in Destiny 2 Last Shape DLC

Before learning the skills, let's consider what the actual class means!

What is Prismatic in Destiny 2?

Prismatic is a new subclass in Destiny 2 that allows players to mix specific class abilities of different damage types. This unique feature allows for creative play strategies, as you can mix and match abilities from other damage types to suit your play style.

After equipping the class, you'll have two sets of meters at the bottom—light and dark. You will fill these bars as you deal damage to both types.

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Once you've completed this, you'll move on to the new transcendental mode. In this mode, players can combine different subclass damage-type abilities in the form of grenades.

  • Hunters: Fire (Light Manifestation) and Ice (Dark Manifestation)
  • Wizard: Void (Light Manifestation) and Stasis (Dark Manifestation)
  • Titans: Threads (Dark Manifestation) and Bow (Light Manifestation)

In addition to these abilities, the transcendent mode also provides weapon damage bonuses. Also, your abilities and grenades will be refilled as soon as you cast the transcendence. That's it! The construction is wide open; pick and choose items/abilities from other subtypes that suit your overall playstyle.

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