All Ghostly (Glow) Echo Locations in Wuthering Waves – Map

In Wuthering Waves, a Phantom Echo is an Echo with a slight variation in color and/or size—like a shiny Pokémon! If you’re looking to get your hands on some, here’s all you need to know.

Where to find Phantom Echoes in Wuthering Waves (Map Location)

There have been rumors that certain locations in Wuthering Waves spawn Ghost Echoes more often, but I have not found any such confirmation of this. However, Echoes reset daily, so if you can’t find one, wait a day before hunting again. That said, here are some places you may be able to find some of them.


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The Phantom (Glow) version of Hoartoise can generally be found just before you reach the giant bell turtle boss in Tolling Stream. Look for him on the leftmost bank of the river leading to the boss. If he is there, you should be able to spot him from a distance.

Rocksteady Guardian

Wuthering Waves Rocksteady Location
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As a general rule, Phantom versions of monsters can be found in places where their normal counterparts spawn. For Rocksteady Guardian, search the northern area of ​​the map: Dying Frontline. Rocksteady Guardians are huge and formidable, so a shiny should be very easy for you to spot if it spawns.

There may be more that haven’t been discovered yet, so we’ll keep you updated on that front. Keep in mind that these rare echoes may not show up when searching for them. I recommend checking these places at least once a day to get your hands on them

Alternatively, you can also buy some Phantom Echoes directly from the Shop of Points. Currently, you can buy Ghost: Feilian Beringal from the shop of the Adverse Exchange.

Wuthering Waves Point Shop
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You can also catch Ghost: Thunderous Mephis and Ghost: Funeral Aix from the Simulation Training section of the point store. These specific Phantom Echoes may change during Wuthering Waves updates, so grab it while you can if you’re interested in such a thing. You will need to advance the Adversity content (think Spirial Abyss) to purchase it.

How to get Phantom Echo in Wuthering Waves

Unfortunately, one cannot simply receive a Phantom Echo whenever they see fit. They are accidental, incredibly rare, and hard to spot if you’re not aware of the signs of one in the first place. As already mentioned, Phantom Echoes vary from their normal counterpart, usually in a different color or size. However, the main way to spot a Phantom Echo is through the flowing sparks emitting from them.

Phantom Echo Spotted - Wuthering Waves
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These sparks can also mean a guaranteed Echo Drop from said monster, but in either scenario, you want to go after the Echo in question anyway. If you kill a Ghost Monster, they will drop as a Ghost Echo for you to collect. Phantom Echoes doesn’t have better stats than normal.

They are exactly the same as some other Echoes, with a slight advantage. Phantom Echoes are considered completely different monsters, even when compared to the standard version of one. This means you can use Phantom and a standard version of the same Echo and reap the benefits without losing out on a fixed bonus.

Phantom Echo in Inventory - Wuthering Waves
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