All Kill Sound ID Codes for Heroes Battlegrounds – Roblox

In Heroes Battlegrounds, it’s a unique thrill to dispatch an opponent with a hilarious or cheeky kill sound. If you’re one of the select few who recently acquired the exclusive Kill Sound Pass and are looking for great sound effects, we’ve got a list for you to choose from.

All Active Sound IDs for the Heroic Battlegrounds – Roblox

Below, I’ve made a list of some great Kill sounds that are sarcastic and funny. My favorites are I’ll Get You and Keep Trying for its sarcastic lines and humorous tone. Explore the list and equip the one that suits your mood and personality.

Sound Name Sound ID
A Mimir 8191363542
Spongebob Disappointed 8877695896
Bass Boost 8530485374
bonk 7574780072
Bro 135359832
calm down 327542232
Discord Call 4548596370
Double Kill 130819307
A fart 1363204042
Fantasy Date 7102626945
Bring me the soul 7388737421
funny 4624390346
take a walk 7102705332
Dead man 7807987190
Warm Milk Meme 7411605768
honey 7817025360
In Your House 3538568082
I Want To Hit The Ladies 8550333107
I’ll Get You 6555900326
Jiggle 5212028128
Keep Trying 4602357240
Kira Laugh 7473415590
laugh 8937005838
loud 8179008527
Mortal Kombat 6721975770
Man 135578287
meat 6459815472
Nya Ichi 6797864253
Orange Rhyme 8598272174
pathetic 290774171
Perfect 275278234
Pogchamp 5993650338
Grater 6343741731
salad 7251636785
Shame on you! 8836275407
Shake My Woods 8505675603
shattering 139888702
Soo Baad (XQC) 7163786825
Some Russian Anime 9124412954
I’m sorry 8214068709
Spongebob Disappointed 8904888220
Spongebob mayonnaise 340688214
Stoopid 8243372178
There’s Nothing I Won’t Do 9058205566
Tokyo Ghoul 8269391552
Toxic 137521647
Unleashed 9120077931
Under the Water 5267482878
Do you want to see your Head? 3267973938
Where is the Money Browski 7214780619
You like that! 301022204

How to change the Kill Sound in Roblox Heroes Battlegrounds

Image by Pro Game Guides

Like most Roblox games, you must purchase the Kill Sound Pass in Heroes Battlegrounds to unlock the use of Kill Sound ID. This pass not only enhances your gaming experience but also adds a touch of customization to your gameplay. Follow the steps below to purchase and use this exciting feature in the game.

  • open up Heroes Battlefields on your device.
  • Click on the Gift Icon from the top left of the menu
  • Select the Custom Killing Sound option in the middle of the list on the left.
  • pay 199 Robux and gift the item to yourself.
  • Revisit the same menu, and now you can use any of the above Kill codes in the newly available ones input box.

Remember, to avoid mistakes, copy the code from the list above instead of manually typing with your hands.

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