All New Monsters, Equipment and Traps in Lethal Company v55

There’s always something fun in every new update and this one is no different (I’m especially excited for the new vehicle). Let’s take a look at the brand new monsters, equipment and traps added in Lethal Company v55

All in the Lethal Company v55 update

Lethal Company v55 update comes with some new monsters, cool equipment and surprising environmental traps. You can check out exactly what’s in the update below.

Vain Shroud

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Vain Dead is a new type of plant that can appear on Moons outside. These plants are harmless by themselves; it’s the new monster that’s hiding in these bushes, and that’s the real problem. These red bushes hide the Kidnapper Foxone of two new creatures in Lethal Company version 55.

Kidnapper Fox

The Kidnapped Fox is an outside a monster mostly lurking on Experimentation but can be found on other moons as well. If you see the Vain Shroud outside, it means that you need to be careful about these monsters around.

They will cling to you with theirs languages and begin dragging yourself to the Vain Shroud. You have to turn around and run in the opposite direction. If you succeed, then the Kidnapped Fox will not to eat your whole head


A barber carrying his clippers in Lethal Company
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A mostly invisible a creature that can be clearly recognized by its trumpet steps. That’s the easiest way to know when it’s near you, even if you can’t see it. It though flicker in and out enough for you to see the blue clay surgeon (as this creature was dubbed by the players).

The Barber wears about a pair of scissors. If you are in its range, you will be cut in two, making it instant kill. This monster doesn’t move too fast, so you can stay ahead of it, but you have to be very conscious of your surroundings.

Ceiling Spikes

Spikes on the ceiling in a facility in Lethal Company
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Nothing can get me quite like something attacking me from the ceiling, Snare Fleas included. So, it’s no surprise how much I died from the Ceiling Spikes. You can usually see two red lights in the dark lower to the ground, indicating that the trap is right there.

You can also hear the difference slam of the spikes into the ground, but only once you are close enough to the trap. If it hits you, it will to kill immediately you, so pay attention and look up. Your friends and teammates can catch yours body and take it back to the ship to avoid a fine.

A weed killer

Using the Weed Killer to destroy Futile Killers in Lethal Company
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Weed Killer is a special item used to destroy Vain Shrouds. As you keep spraying them, they will get smaller until there are none left. Whatever is in that spray bottle doesn’t work right on the Kidnapped Fox, on the other hand. You can too spend the whole bottle, so don’t waste it.

Cruise Ship Company

Lethal Company crewman on a cruise ship in the paint I play as one of your French girls
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The Cruise Ship Company is the first vehicle to be added to Lethal Company. This car has storage room which you can use to transfer items from the facility back to your ship. It can be useful, but it is quite difficult to handle. It doesn’t help that the most maps are not exactly drivable, with many hills and trees. This is especially the case when the moons are flooded.

The car can be bought for 400 at the ship’s shop. You cannot order anything else with this shipment, or it will not be delivered. There is enough money to invest, but don’t worry; it will not appear on just one moon. if you survive and want to take your car to the next moonall you have to do is bring it to the a magnet and then turn it on with the turn on. The car will be attached to the ship, and you can continue working.

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