All Scarletthorn Ore locations in Wuthering Waves (map)

There are various materials that you need in Wuthering Waves, and Scarletthorn is one of those. To get it, you need to find its ore deposits, which are scattered across the map. To help you get to them quickly, this guide has all of Scarletthorn’s ore locations in Wuthering Waves.

All Scarletthorn Ores map locations in Wuthering Waves

  • All Scarletthorn Ore locations in the upper part of Wuthering Waves map

Here are the locations of all the Scarletthorn ores marked with stars on the map above. Each star represents a number of ore deposits in that area, and the bigger the star, the more deposits you’ll find in that area. Specifically, the best places to look for Scarletthorn are around the Desorock Highland, Dim Forest, Whining Aix’s Mire, and the Central Plains regions.

Break the ore to loot Scarletthorn in WuWa
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Once you go to any of these places, look for the Scarletthorn ores, which always glow a pink/red color, making it easy for you to spot them. To loot the ores, use one of your characters to attack the ores, and you’ll automatically loot Scarletthorns.

When you finally get your hands on a good amount of Scarletthorn ores, you can go to Uncle Wei and use them with the Standard Weapon Mold to obtain. 4 star weapons. Of course, if you want to get all three 4-star weapons, one for each of your mains, you’re going to need a lot of resources, so here are the best places to get Scarletthorn.

Best places to farm Scarletthorn Ore in Wuthering Waves

To start farming, go to the ore deposits near the border of Desorock Highland and Central Plains and loot them all. Afterwards, go up using a fast travel point or go on foot to Desorock Highland to loot the ores from there. Once done, you can then loot the ores in the Dark Forest and, finally, loot the ores near the Mudhouse of the Weeping Aix. Now wait for the server to restart and go to another load of ore farming to get more Scarletthorn.

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