All the debuffs in V Rising and how to deal with them

Just like any classic RPG game, V Rising has a bunch of damaging effects that deal different types of damage to enemies. In it, debuff stats stack and synergies between different forms. If you happen to be a victim of those, here’s how you can deal with different debuff types.

How to counter every debuff in V Rising

V Rising has different areas, items and enemy types that can deal different damage types. Based on where you are and who you are dealing with, chances are you will face a different type of harm. It is mainly six types of debuff types, and here’s how you can counter each one.

Curse of the Forest

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There is an area in V Rising (Cursed Forest) that automatically applies a curse effect to your character once you enter it. This debuff may not seem too significant at first, as it only debuffs you on 1 occasion per second. However, the moment you reach 100 instances, your character’s visibility drops dramatically. Your map is covered in frost, and even your mini-map won’t show much.

A quick way to prevent this from happening is to release captured wines. You will notice these little things around the area, and you just need to interact with them to release them. Doing so will reduce your curse quickly.

Exposure of Garlic

V Rising character going through Garlic Exposure debuff.
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We all know how vampires hate garlic. In V Rising, developers took this to the next level and made sure that garlic causes larger detection radius of enemies. So, this is the last debuff you want if you need some alone time. In addition, you also take 1% more damage for example, and deal 0.5% less damage to enemies.

The two best solutions to this are:

  1. Little Garlic Resistance Brew: You can craft this recipe with 20 (15) Hell Bugle, 1 Rat and 1 Water Filled Canteen. This increases garlic resistance by 25 for 30 minutes.
  2. Garlic Resistance Potion: You can create this one by combining 20 (15) Bugles of Hell, 1 Rat and 1 Water Bottle. This increases your garlic resistance by 50 for 30 minutes.

Holy Radiance

Player taking holy radiation damage in V Rising.
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V Rising has a few locations that inflict holy radiation on players. The Dunley Monastery and Fortress of Light are two such places, upon entering which, players are dealt -10 damage almost every second.

Countering this is not too difficult, and these are the consumables that best prevent it:

  1. Holy Resistance Potion: You can craft this by combining 60 (45) Sunflowers, 1 Grave Dust and 1 Water Bottle. Consuming this resists holy radiation by 50 for 30 minutes.
  2. Holy Resistance Flask: You will be able to create this by combining 60 (45) Holy Grapes and 1 Holy Resistance Potion. This resists holy resistance at 75 for 30 minutes.

to ignite

A player in V Rising defeating Sir Magnus the Overseer
Image via GlensGames

Like most survival games, V Rising also had fire damage that can prove fatal when not taken care of. Enemy types like Torchbearer cause this kind of damage, but there are quick ways to prevent this from happening.

  1. Fire Resistance Brew: This consumable ensures that your fire resistance remains at 50 for 30 minutes. To craft this, you will need 40 (30) Fire Blast, 1 Fish Oil and 1 Water Filled Canteen.
  2. Phantom Veil: This awesome outfit provides you with a +15 Fire Resistance rating. You obtain this by defeating Sir Magnus the Overseer.

Silver Disease

V Rising character taking damage from Silver Coin
Image via Kibbles Gaming

Who knew that carrying money would actually be problematic? In V Rising, stocking up on Silver Coins, Goldsun Coins, and Silver Ore buildings Silver Disease over time that damages your character. This debuff deals damage (every 2 seconds) that builds over time depending on how many coins you carry.

To prevent this, just create a bag for yourself. These are the four best:

  1. Silver Thread Bag: Craft this with 12 (9) Leather, 4 (3) Wool Thread and 8 (6) Silver Coin. This gives you +200 Silver Coin immunity.
  2. Mountaintop Bag: This can be crafted with a combination of 12 (9) Thick Leather, and 4 (3) Wool Thread. This bag holds +300 Silver Coin immunity.
  3. Pristine Leather Bag: You can craft this by combining 12 (9) Pristine Leather and 4 (3) Radium Alloy. It holds an immunity of +400 Silver Coin.
  4. Bat Leather Bag: Easily one of the best bags in the game, this can be crafted with 12 (9) Bathide and 8 (6) Phantom Thread. This bag provides you with +500 Silver Coin immunity.

Solar Exhibition

V Rising player exposed to sunlight.
Image via Pro Game Guides

Just like traditional vampires, players in V Rising also suffer if they are not careful and shielded from harm. Solar Exhibition. There are quite a few ways to protect yourself from the sunlight, but the best method is to stay inside shaded areas from the map and wait until dusk or evening occurs.

Alternatively, you can also create a Foggy Brazil a structure created with 120 Stones. This small structure occupies a 3×3 tile area, blocking any sunlight that enters it. However, note that it requires 1 bone every minute to stay active.

We hope these degradations won’t cause you too much trouble. For more V Rising guides like this, like finding out where to build your first castle, look no further than Pro Game Guides.

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