All the free UGC stuff in Roblox Innovation Awards 2024 and how to get them

The Roblox Innovation Awards are back for another year, and the 2024 edition offers players the chance to claim a slew of free UGC items. If you’re looking for free accessories, here’s how to redeem free Roblox Innovation Awards 2024 UGC items.

How to get all the free UGC stuff in the Roblox Innovation Awards 2024

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Voting for the Roblox Innovation Awards 2024 has officially begun, giving you the chance win five special RIA-themed UGC items. Here is the list of items you can claim:

  • “I Voted” Pin 2024: 10 points
  • Voter’s Light Sash: 125 points
  • Voter Light Salaries: 250 points
  • Voter’s Light Crown: 500 points
  • Voter’s Light Hat: 750 points

To get these UGC items, you have to predict who will be the winner at the Roblox Innovation Awards experience center. Accurate predictions turn into points that can be redeemed for great UGC items. Predictions for all rapid-fire categories are open at the time of writing this article. However, it is worth noting that voting and predictions will close for the respective category later every 24 hours and winners will be revealed immediately in the voting center.

Prediction Schedule

RIA 2024 voting schedule
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The schedule for Daily Quickfire categories will be as follows, starting 10 AM PST daily:

  • Tuesday, 7/2: Best Obby
  • Wednesday, 7/3: Best Shooter
  • Thursday, 7/4: Best Horror
  • Friday, 7/5: Best Fashion
  • Saturday, 7/6: Best RPG
  • Sunday, 7/7: Best Strategy
  • Monday, 7/8: Best Race
  • Tuesday, 7/9: Best RPG/Life Sim
  • Wednesday, 7/10: Best Educational
  • Thursday, 7/11: Best Social/Hangout
  • Friday, 7/12: Best Tycoon
  • Saturday, 7/13: Best Fighting

If you are able to correctly predict the winners, the game will add a certain amount of points to your account, which you can eventually use to redeem the aforementioned rewards.

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