All weapons and weapon upgrades in Vampire Survivors Operation Guns

Vampire Survivors, the ultimate walking simulator with monsters, got a nice twist with Operation Guns DLC. To become a futuristic Rambo with homing missiles, you need to learn how to get all the weapons and weapon upgrades in Vampire Survivors Operation Guns.

All gun recipes in Vampire Survivors Operation Guns

Forget about swords, Santa Javelin and magic, because Operation Guns DLC brings futuristic weapons to Vampire Survivors. There are 11 new guns, but you can get 11 more if you know how to develop weapons in Vampire Survivors. Make sure find Weapon Power (you can find a briefcase on a map), because that is the main ingredient for all gun recipes. Below, you will find all the weapon developments and syndicates in Operation Guns so you can decimate the enemy hordes.

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If you're not sure which gun is which in the image above, you can combine it with the list below to make sure you're looking for the right weapon.

  • Blade Crossbow + Weapon Power + Clover = BFC2000 AD
  • CU Laser + Weapon Power + Tirajisu = Pronto Beam
  • Diverse Mines + Weapon Power + Attractorb = Atmo Torpedo
  • A gun + Weapon Power + Candelabra = Fire L3GS
  • Homing Miss + Weapon Power + Duplicate = Multi-stage Missiles
  • Long Gun + Weapon Power = Prototype A
  • Metal Claw + Weapon Power + Hollow Heart = Big Fuzzy Fist
  • Prism girl + Weapon Power + Wings = Time Warp
  • Short Gun + Weapon Power + Bracer = Prototype B
  • Sonic Bloom + Weapon Power + Armor = Wave Robbery
  • Scattered Shot + Weapon Power + Empty Tome = Prototype C

How to evolve weapons in Vampire Survivors Operation Guns DLC

To upgrade guns in Vampire Survivors, you must first have a weapon at max level, Weapon Power, and a skill that requires no upgrades. After that, you need to get a treasure that has a chance to reward you with an evolution that you are looking for.

You have to prepare all the conditions for evolution and hope to get one when you open a chest. I suggest you avoid opening the vault until you complete the gun upgrade requirements.

Now that you know how to get all the weapons and weapon upgrades in Vampire Survivors Operation Guns, check out how to Clear 40 Weapons in a Single Run in Vampire Survivors on Pro Game Guides.

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