Anime Defenders Hall of Mirrors Private Servers (July 2024)

Hall of Mirrors is probably the hardest mode in Anime Defenders, as you have enemies coming from multiple directions. Although you can’t do much alone, you have to join other players to survive. You will find them using Anime Defenders Hall of Mirrors private servers list.

List of Hall of Mirrors Private Servers – Anime Defenders

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Winning Hall of Mirrors matches will give you many rewards, especially if you want to get Wishes in Anime Defenders. Although some players can join you in a Hall of Mirrors when you start a match, it’s much easier simply click on the private server link below and go straight to the game. If you want us to add your HoM private server link to the list, write to us in the comments.

How to use Private Servers in Anime Defenders HoM mode

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You must follow some rules to use Anime Defender Hall of Mirrors private servers. Check the to-do list below before you click on any HoM private server. Coordinate your defenses with your allies for a better chance of success.

  1. Reach level 20 with your character to play Hall of Mirrors.
  2. Unlock the difficulty required in the private server description (for example, you must have Unlock difficulty unlocked to join certain HoM servers).
  3. Make sure you have the best units for the Hall of Mirrors mode you can find.
  4. The match lasts 30 minutes (or less if things go south), so make sure you have time to commit to the cause.

Now that you have a list of Anime Defenders Hall of Mirrors private servers, check Anime Defenders Tier List and choose the best units for this mode.

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