Arena Breakout Infinite vs Escape From Tarkov – Which is better?

Arena Breakout Infinite launched a closed beta on May 8, nipping at the heels of the recently controversial Escape From Tarkov as a new name in the extraction shooter space. But how does Arena Breakout Infinite measure up to the titan that is Escape From Tarkov?

Arena Breakout Infinite and Escape From Tarkov – what are the differences?

  • Landscape showcase of the start of an attack in Escape From Tarkov.

Arena Breakout Infinite is the new kid on the block, but its beta went down with a considerable bang. It doesn't have the same level of sweeping realism as Escape From Tarkov, but in this scenario, I don't think that's a bad thing.

Escape From Tarkov takes a very slow, methodical and hard-nosed approach to almost every single one of its gameplay mechanics; everything from shooting, to movement, to the way attacks happen minute by minute is designed to be as realistic and grainy as possible.

Arena Breakout Infinite mimics many of these factors, albeit in a way that I believe is more accessible. Many of the mechanics are explained more consistently, with helpful tips on loading screens, as opposed to Escape From Tarkov's key link reminders, which due to the sheer number of them, are absolutely necessary.

One example of this is the introduction; Arena Breakout Infinite starts you off with some light exposition audio messages, introducing you to the world, and the core concepts of inventory management, before thrusting you out into the world on your first raid. You only have access to one map, The Farm, until at least level eight. Whether or not that changes with future updates is yet to be seen.

Escape From Tarkov takes a different approach, choosing to provide no measure of tutorials, and simply pre-arranging your inventory for you – most maps (with exceptions like Labs) are available from the start, and it's entirely up to you to decide. where to go

Arena Breakout Infinite vs Escape From Tarkov similarities

Quantifying the similarities between the two titles would be a Herculean feat, because entirely by design, Arena Breakout Infinite emulates Escape From Tarkov as much as possible. As previously mentioned though, Arena Breakout Infinite feels much faster, with movement significantly sped up compared to Escape From Tarkov, and shooting that, while still very clean, responsive and enjoyable, is much lighter than the raw power fantasy that is Escape From Tarkov. . (If you want a more in-depth look at Arena Breakout Infinite and how it stacks up against Escape From Tarkov, check out our Arena Breakout Infinite Preview!)

The core gameplay loops for both are effectively toe-to-toe, where you infiltrate a map on “raid”, loot, shoot and panic to your heart's content, before heading to an exfiltration area and walking out with all your ill-gotten gains. .

The similarities between the two are impossible to avoid, with everything from inventory, to exfiltration, to gunsmithing effectively being so closely comparable it's laughable. At first, I thought Arena Breakout Infinite had a much simpler approach to gunsmithing, but after researching it more, I couldn't have been more wrong.

At first glance I thought the gunsmithing in Arena Breakout Infinite only presented options for more traditional attachments, such as laser pointers, sights and grips – but once I started breaking down my weapon I could see that it offers almost the same control as Escape From. Tarkov; with me being able to change the gas block, pistol grip, stock, upper and lower receivers. Admittedly, there are fewer of these parts currently available compared to Escape From Tarkov, but this is likely to change with consistent updates.

Another point to note is that this weapon screen is accessible from the moment you enter the game in Arena Breakout Infinite, while in Escape From Tarkov it must be earned by leveling your hideout workshop to at least one level.

Those similarities continue even down to factors like ammo stats and differences, with both games having different types of ammo for different tasks, and both having wildly different prices on those different types of ammo.

Nowadays, because it's been around a lot longer, Escape From Tarkov has a lot more variety in this field, with some ammo types being complete mechanical changes (such as the absolutely terrifying to encounter, but incredibly fun to use flashbang rounds for the KS23) – but again, I expect this too will change in future updates.

What should you play – Arena Breakout Infinite or Escape From Tarkov?

All in all, I think it might be really impossible at this point to give a clear and definitive answer as to which of the two games is ultimately “better” because Arena Breakout Infinite mimics so much of what makes Escape From Tarkov enjoyable, while also being slightly more accessible. Artistically it holds up just as well, with a much more vibrant overall color palette and some really great map designs (The Farm for example doesn't do justice to what is a vast and highly varied map).

Arena Breakout Infinite also has some great quality-of-life features that Escape From Tarkov lacks, like being able to roll up backpacks and tac vests, and having constant access to an in-game map (which in Escape From Tarkov is a whole item unto itself). and can fetch a high price).

My final verdict would be that Arena Breakout Infinite captures quite a bit of that Escape From Tarkov 'magic', while also being slightly quicker to get into, friendlier to new players and with better matching features. Escape From Tarkov on the other hand is a harder, slower experience that could be great for Arena Breakout Infinite players to dive into once they are familiar with the core gameplay loop and high skill ceiling.

If you want to dive into the Arena Breakout Infinite action for yourself, check out our guide How to sign up for the Arena Breakout Beta here at ProGameGuides!

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