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Surviving in 3008 can be a grind, with all the scavenging and building. But here's a delightful twist: I inject a dose of my favorite tunes into the gameplay using the in-game music player. If you wish to elevate your gaming experience with a touch of personal enjoyment, I have compiled a list of attractive Song ID Codes for you to use in Roblox 3008.

All Working Music ID Codes for 3008 – Roblox

Are you ready to immerse yourself in a world of music in 3008? I have carefully selected a range of Song ID codes that span a variety of genres. From the rhythmic beats of hip-hop and pop to the electrifying energy of techno, metal and bass-heavy tunes, there's a musical journey for everyone on this list. But what really sets these codes apart is the personal connection they foster. My favorites (Love Money and relaxed), with their soothing melodies, help me relax amidst the perils of 3008. I hope it does the same for you.

Song Name Music ID
Activity 1842306658
Bad But 130767818
Bro Look 7294616388
Captain 1838748897
Chaos 1843497734
Claire De 1838457617
Dear Noel 1836129735
Chicago 1835533065
Cyber ​​Chainsaw 6911766512
Elevator 9119119619
explode 6847929757
A fighter 1843567812
Game of Thrones 1838609198
get to know 7024035759
get up 1836846557
Has a Feeling 1836257016
Grant 7023828725
G19 6813220211
Halle 1846627271
Hard Style 1839246774
Hello! 145045371
Heart Damaged 1837881457
Hot Night 1841048114
Ice cube 1843270793
In Paris 1835357389
In Ohio 13530437708
Jail Break 1837335584
juice 6845637094
Keystroke 6835352929
Love Money 1839542698
London Bridge 1840020723
a mystic 6868100434
No Vocal 1837871067
Nor More 1846458016
Opera 1843463175
One that I love 1836686721
pokemon 130767090
Phonk 13530437708
relaxed 1848354536
Ritz Car 5941228795
Sad Violin 135308045
Wild Heat 1836639218
Scary Music 1836281829
If Fu 1837251909
shadow 184622780
Skeleton 1841601203
Take Someone 8361838923
City 1845554017
ugly 6813220211
Under Score 9039445224
Your Pain 7024132063

How to use Music ID Codes in 3008

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Unlike most games on Roblox, like ( A Dusty Trip or Zyleaks MM2 ), you don't need a radio or game pass to play songs. However, it is important to note that using copyrighted music without permission may violate the law. You can play any of the above songs using the method below.

  • open up 3008 on your respective device.
  • Click on the Mod Menu from the main one settings.
  • Press the Music Menuand you will find a list of days like monday, Tuesday & more.
  • Select a day and copy and paste any of the above codes into the input box.
  • That's it! Enjoy using those songs, and have fun in the game.

How to get Music ID Codes for 3008

Apart from the above music ID Codes, you can also find some new ones by browsing various YouTube Channels like Roblox Song YT and HNDS YT. Additionally, you can ask for suggestions from other players by joining the official Roblox 3008 Discord Channel. It's so easy to find new songs for 3008.

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