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In Clash, team strategy and placement are important, but so are which creatures you bring and where you place them. Check out the best creatures in Gigantic you should have in your loadout below.

Best creature families to choose from in Gigantic

You can choose from six families. Remember that you can only have one creature from a family in your charge at a time. That means you can't have both a Summer Bloomer and a Winter Bloomer, for example. The best creature families to choose from in Gigantic are Cerberus, Bloomer, and Ancient Obelisk.

Creatures is a gameplay mechanic in the Clash mode of the game. They are placed on Power circles, which they will then defend and collect Orbs from as long as they stand on them. They are very important for team strategy and survival.

Cerberus is a family in Gigantic

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When it comes to my loadouts, I've found that the best creature family to pick in Gigantic is the Cerberus family. This family reveals enemies on the minimap when they are in range. The best position for them is the Power Circles in the middle of maps so you can reveal as many enemies as possible. Just make sure to defend them throughout the match. They will be avoiding attacks and moving, so they will already be doing a lot of legwork on their own.

You'll already have Cerberus Majoris unlocked, so you won't have to worry about purchases at first. They all have the same range and special ability, but the main difference is in the basic attack. I like the Shadow version because it gives your teammates secretly. The Stone Cerberus can launch enemies in the air, which I find hilarious, but this version also has the most HP of all three.

Bloomer is a family in Gigantic

Giant Winter and Fall Bloomers
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You'll already know this family from the Rush game mode, as there were two on the map, one for each team to heal. Since they are not readily available in Clash, I prefer to carry them in my loadout and get that little bit of extra healing.

You can bring four versions: Summer, Spring, Fall and Winter, with the Winter Bloom having the most HP. I prefer the Winter version because it also spawns frozen orbs, which apply an extra shield and freeze enemies when broken. Similarly, the Fall version is great because it makes you invisible and increases your speed while recovering. I would place the Cerberus creature first to know where my enemies are and then put the Bloomer later in the back lineswhere it is safer.

Ancient Obelisk creature family in Gigantic

Ancient Obelisk creature in Gigantic
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There is only one Ancient Obelisk creature you can buy, so it won't cost you too much money. These creatures are quite unique because they can be placed any Power Circle. However they can't collect any Power Orbs, which means the enemy can't collect them either.

So, the best placement for the Obelisk would be on one of the hostile Power Circles. They will be hard to defend if they are too far away, so keep them closer to you where you can reach them. This way you have control over the enemy, and you prevent them from placing any of their own creatures.

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