Best landing spots (Map) in Apex Legends Season 21

The latest season of Apex Legends (Disorder) brings a map rotation between three maps: Broken Moon, Wold’s Edge and King’s Canyon. The three separate locations have different landing spots to explore, and some areas have better potential for loot and survivability. Here are the best landing spots you need to keep an eye on.

Best landing spots to drop in Apex Legends Season 21

King’s Canyon has been in the Apex Games since day one. Over the course of different seasons, the map has seen many changes. Fortunately, some of the OG areas like The Pit remain unchanged.

World’s Edge contains several terrains and is one of the larger maps in Apex Legends. Fortunately, some locations are better for early game survival (when you want to take your sweet time until a fight happens). Otherwise, Fragment is where to drop if you’re itching for a kill.

Broken Moon has seen few POI changes this season, but it hasn’t taken away from some of the great places hiding in plain sight. Not only do these landing points provide great loot, they are not marked or titled on the game’s map. So, unless you really know these places, it’s unlikely you’ll land here, making it a unique choice for a drop.

The Pit (King’s Canyon)

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Landing in The Pit it’s like knowing King’s Canyon’s little secret. This place provides many benefits the moment you land. First, there is enough loot for everyone on your team to create a starter kit from a reliable arsenal. Second, it’s close to Runoff where you can find a Charging Tower that recharges your ultimate ability within seconds.

The Pit is quietly hidden away from the main points on the map, making it a safe option for your squad to find their base in the early moments of the game.

Two Spikes (King’s Canyon)

Two Spines location marked on the Apex Legends map
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While you may be tempted to land on a hot drop like Condenser, it is highly advisable that you look not too far from there. Just west of it, a small but reliable a place called Two Spines is mostly empty whenever you land there. You’ll find basic loot here, but its proximity to the other locations is what makes it so great.

To the south, you can find a Charging Tower that can prepare your ultimate skill in no time. To the east, you can locate a Condenser, for better loot and the possibility of fighting an enemy squad.

Overview (Edge of the World)

Apex Legends World's Edge map location Overlook marked on the map.
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Located at the corner of the map, this place is not that far from all the action. Thanks to a Jump Tower near and Fragment within walking distance, to overlook provides you with some advanced loot at the very beginning of the match.

Once you’re done looting here, you’re pretty much free to go from point to point, as World’s Edge has evenly distributed Jump Towers across the map.

Trials (World’s Edge)

The Trials of Bloodhound locations marked on Apex Legends map.
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Bloodhound’s personal favorite, this place marks an important one point of lore and also advanced loot. However, what makes it really special is how the trials test yourself and arm yourself accordingly. Once you land here, you can activate the challenges by interacting with the location and fighting three waves of Prowlers (those big dangerous dogs in the Apex games).

This warms you up a bit and gives you gold level items the moment you complete the tests. What better way than to be so prepared before facing enemy squads as the match progresses?


Location of Broken Moon Underpass marked on a map in Apex Legends.
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Staying close to the center of the map, Subway is a place that prepares you for future battles. Once landed and equipped, you can go to Quarantine zone from here, which is often a hot drop for players looking for a fight.

A subway also hides among inaccessible mountain-esque terrains, keeping it safe from players moving in from the east. This is a perfect zone for set up your defenses if the seat belts are in your favor.


Cultivation location marked on the Apex Legends map.
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The hardest part about Cultivation is how it invites you right into its enormous landscape, but that’s exactly what we’re trying to avoid here. Instead of landing a direction at Cultivation, move to the north slightly, as marked on the map above.

Here you will find almost all the loot you need to get started. Located right between the two larger hot drops (Quarantine Zone and Cultivation), this part of the map is less traveled by players. Once you’re done looting, you can move in any direction to potentially run into a big fight.

It’s almost important to remember that you know which Legend you want to pick going into the game, especially if you’re fighting solo.

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