Best team comparison and strategy for Skyclops – AFK Journey

One of the most popular aspects of idle gacha RPG AFK Journey is the daily boss battles in the Dream Realm. If you plan to pit your wits against Skyclops, read on for the best team comp and strategy to succeed.

Best Dream Realm team and strategy for Skyclops in AFK Journey

If you want to face Skyclops, select Battle Modes from the bottom menu bar and click Dream Kingdom. At the time of writing there are four monsters that go through a cycle as the daily boss, so you'll get Skyclops to fight once every four days. Once you click on a battle, you can select any team five heroes from your current rosterand one artifact. You will get six attempts to fight Skyclops that day, with only the best one counting.

Skyclops attacks and specials – AFK Journey

Skyclops is a mage and its range of 20 means it can affect any hex on the battlefield. Skclops has no fraction. you have 90 seconds to take Skyclops down. As long as you defeat Skyclops, when it reappears in later days, it will be at a higher level. It starts at level 29 with the following statistics.

  • ultimate: Skyclops charges and then fires a laser beam across a 10-tile arc. This deals 260 percent damage to all affected heroes.
  • Illuminated Shield: Summons 4 Wings of Light. While they are alive, the damage received by Skyclops is greatly reduced against physical damage attacks. Once they are all defeated, Skyclops casts Doomed Shield 10 seconds later.
  • Condemned Shield: umons 4 Wings of Darkness. While they are alive, the damage received by Skyclops is greatly reduced against magic damage attacks. Once they are all defeated, Skyclops casts Enlightened Shield 10 seconds later.
  • attacks: As a baseline, Skyclops deals equal amounts of physical and magical damage. Each current Wings creature increases this by 15 percent (Dark adds magical damage, Light adds physical).

Skyclops basically flip-flops between the two shields during the fight, making it difficult to directly target him as you are constantly dealing adds as well as increased damage.

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How to beat Skyclops in AFK Journey

While the large damage shields set up by Skyclops are a big hindrance, note that they only affect physical or magical damage. This means that any hero you can get on the battlefield that can primarily put out Real Damage will give you a nice advantage.

Skyclops will target your tank at the start of the battle and, as long as they are alive, will continue to attack them. Get in line your favorite damage tank to be the focus of Skyclops, such as Thoran (or Brutus, or whoever you have that can take a hit while still contributing). It's even better if you can use Smokey & Meerky as a tank, allowing them to heal themselves and the rest of the team (Skyclops has no interruptions).

This allows you to completely drop the tank idea and have the rest of the team pump out DPS. For your tank to have any chance of survival, you'll need to stay on top of the summoned Wings. Take the ads as soon as possible with AOE/chaining DPS heroes. You'll also want to pump out as much single target DPS as possible to take Skyclops himself down, which is where heroes such as odie shine

When fighting a boss, single-target debuffs also come into their own. Although not generally considered a strong hero, Kruger is very strong in the Dream Realm therefore, simultaneously reducing an enemy's Physical DEF while increasing their Physical Damage taken.

The best team to beat Skyclops

With that in mind, while also wanting to keep a faction bonus, this is the best team of heroes I'll be taking into my Dream Realm battles with Skyclops.

  • Smokey & Meerky (Mauler Support): Whether you can keep them alive as a tank or slot them in as your team healer, Smokey and the gang are indispensable when available, especially when you add the residual buffs they give to nearby allies.
  • Kruger (Mauler Warrior): Kruger will put out solid single target DPS while reducing Phys DEF along with Shatter Armor.
  • odie (Mauler Marksman): Odie does great DPS at range while he also POINTS the target with poison that cannot be dispelled and builds over time.
  • Cecia (Graveborn Marksman): You need someone to handle the adds, which is where Cecia's AOE damage comes in handy. She also invites Mr Carlyle to the party, and an extra body is never a bad thing.
  • Thoran (Graveborn Tank): Complementing your 3-2 mix for the faction bonus, Thoran can tank Skyclops while also weakening it to increase its damage taken.

My preference is to go with the Spell of Awakening like mine artifact for that extra level of healing. This can be changed to something more aggressive if you find it's damage output, not survivability, that's causing you problems.

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