DBD Chapter 32 Countdown: Dungeons & Dragons release time and date

Behavior Interactive (BHVR) has announced the latest chapter of Dungeons and Dragons, and everyone is excited to find out when it will release. You can check out Dead by Daylight chapter 32 below.

What is the release date of Dead by Daylight Chapter 32 Dungeons and Dragons?

Dead by Daylight has a lot of great things in store for 2024, but Dungeons and Dragons might be the most exciting chapter to come. The DnD chapter will include an awesome Slayer, the first ever non-human Bard Survivor, and a mostly underground map. What’s not to like about it?

You will be playing the 32nd chapter of Dead by Daylight—Dungeons and Dragons—when it releases June 3, 2024. Start your summer (or winter, depending on where you live) with a little magic, lots of luck and song.

When will DBD DnD chapter 32 come out?

Fortunately for us fans, the timing of any new planned release is pretty easy to guess even without official confirmation. BHVR follows a fairly consistent schedule with most if not all updates. You can expect the DBD DnD chapter 32 to be released at 11 AM ET.

Dungeons and Dragons Chapter Release Date

How to play the Dead by Daylight DnD chapter early

If you are on PC then you are in luck as you can play the new Dead by Daylight DnD chapter early. The new Slayer, Survivor and Map will all be available on the PTB (Public Test Build) starting May 14th.

Unfortunately, the Dead by Daylight PTB is only available on Steam. If you’re on console, you’ll have to wait until the chapter goes live for a few weeks to try out Vecna ​​and the Bard Survivors. Personally, I’m very excited to explore the Forgotten Ruins, although I’m always afraid to be on the lower levels of any map (you won’t catch me dead in a basement).

For anyone who is just getting started with the game, you can check How to quickly identify the Killer in Dead by Daylight on Pro Game Guides.

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