Dead by Daylight finally brings cross progression between PC and Consoles

Until now, the only progress you could share in Dead by Daylight was between Steam and Epic accounts. Fans have been asking for cross-progression between PC and consoles for so long and DBD has finally answered.

One of the major QoL updates announced during Dead by Daylight’s 8th anniversary stream is an update to the cross-progression feature. Although this change does not affect everyone, many can now rejoice as they get the ability to play the game on both PC and consoles without losing any progress.

To enable cross-progression, you must own the base game on any platform and have a Behavior Account. The added benefit of an account is the game What The Fog, which you can get by signing up.

After you log in to your account, go to the Connections tab on your profile to link all your platforms. When that’s done, go to the Game Library and click Merge to sync all your progress.

This feature has limitations, however. Unfortunately, Dead by Daylight mobile isn’t included because that game is basically its own experience (I still want those cardboard boxes in the PC game but I doubt I’ll ever get them).

Additionally, there are limits to what can be shared between platforms. I’m very interested in what that is and why it can’t be shared. In terms of the live stream, we should be getting an FAQ very soon so we know exactly what to expect.

When will Dead by Daylight add cross-progression?

There’s still no exact date for when the Dead by Daylight rollover will go live, but you can expect an update later in the summer. The developers announced more information about the Castlevania chapter on August 6th, so it’s possible we’ll get cross-progression then as well. You can keep an eye on the Dead by Daylight website for some new updates about it.

For all DBD updates and information, check out the Dead by Daylight Patch Notes in Pro Game Guides.

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