Dead by Daylight says it’s all the scarier with an incoming 2v8 mode

We asked for it and Behavior is finally delivering. Dead by Daylight will add a new 2v8 mode, which means you will play in matches with 2 Killers and 8 Survivors. If that sounds crazy to you, I say it will be crazy fun.

For long-time DBD players, this is fantastic news. We’ve been asking for a 2v8 mode for ages and frankly it’s still surprising to me that we’re getting it. I know I’ll be jumping right into this mode as soon as it arrives.

When will Dead by Daylight 2v8 mode release?

It is important to note that the first iteration will be time-limited. It is not yet known how long this mode will be available, but I suggest using it as soon as it is released. The exact release date hasn’t been revealed yet either, but we know it’s coming before the end of summer.

The game mode will be chaotic and will require quite a bit of adjustment compared to the regular trials. It’s not like the various modifiers that introduce some changes to the trials but leave it essentially the same, four survivors repairing gens while a Killer chases them down to hook them.

Image via Behavior Interactive

For starters, the hook mechanic has been removed and replaced with cages similar to Pyramidhead’s. Cages will work just like hook states, so after the third cage, you’re dead. Once a Survivor is dropped, they will be teleported to a random cage somewhere on the map.

The perks will also be removed, instead introducing a Class system that focuses on skills to emphasize teamwork. When you choose a Survivor, you can choose and equip their class with a specific power. So you can play any Survivor in any role you want, for example healing, targets or speed. I know I’ll definitely be playing Claudette as a Healer, and Meg seems like the best fit for speed.

All playable Survivors and Assassins in DBD 2v8

All Survivors will be available in this mode, however, this is not the case with all the Assassins. The Assassins that will be available in the first version of 2v8 mode are:

  • Hillbilly
  • Huntress
  • Wraith
  • Nurse
  • Catcher

Unlike with Survivors, the Slayers will all have their own specific power. For example, if you play as the Wraith and your teammate Killer is close to you, they will also lose their terror radius. I think this will be the most terrifying with Tier 3 Mikey when they finally introduce him to the mode.

With these Assassins come their maps, but they will be adjusted to match the increase in the number of players. All five maps will be larger so there is more space to run around.

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