Dead by Daylight spin-off PvE co-op shooter Project T invites players to join the Insider program

While Dead by Daylight is constantly expanding with new chapters – both original and licensed – the realm of the Entity is also expanding with new games. I love DBD, but it’s fun to explore new aspects.

If you’ve ever wanted to shoot at the Assassins in DBD, you’ll be happy to know that Midwinter Entertainment (a Behavior Interactive company) is developing a spin-off game codenamed Project T.

This is a four-person PvE co-op shooter set in the world of Dead by Daylight, or more specifically, in a region called the Backwater. There is nothing I love more than a game set in the fictional Bayou (Resident Evil 7 is at the top at the moment).

Image via Behavior Interactive

You will explore this area as the Trespassers (characters who have been dragged into the Realm of the Entity, much like the Survivors and Killers of the Dead of Daylight). The only way they will survive is by working together against the enemies called the Thrall. Although the specifics are not yet known, the Thrall will come in many forms and have different abilities.

The Thrall monsters in PvE shooter Project T
Image via Behavior Interactive

If you’re wondering if our beloved DBD characters will make their way to the Backwater, it’s too early to tell. However, there are very good chances that this may happen at some point. Behavior Interactive does love crossovers with other games and franchises like DnD; why not make a crossover with its own game?

How to join the Project T Insider Program

On May 14th, Midwinter Entertainment will open its game to all players who want to join the Project T Insider Program. By joining, you will become an active participant in the development of the game, which is still in its early stages. Your feedback and opinions can actually help shape the game (which is pretty incredible).

Besides just impacting game development, you’ll also get in-game rewards, exclusive previews, and the chance to join closed playtests as well. The Insider Program is not limited, so anyone can join. If you’re as excited as I am to explore the Entity Realm, then be sure to sign up via the link above.

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