Destiny 2 is getting Owlbears (sort of) with DnD collaboration

High fantasy crossed with science fiction is not something you see every day. Dungeons and Dragons is coming to Destiny 2, and it’s awesome! Now, I know it sounds weird, but it’s actually done really well—you even get to ride an Owl!

Destiny 2 x D&D crossover brings an awesome wizard class Mind Flayer armor and Owlbear ride, but that’s just part of the Faerûn-inspired cosmetics. You’ll be able to get these epic items in the Eververse store in Destiny 2 when the new expansion, The Final Form, launches on June 4, 2024. View a complete list of Dungeons and Dragons cosmetics coming to Destiny 2.

Image via Bungie
  • Warlock’s Mind Flayer Dominion Set
  • Titan’s Apex Draconic Set
  • Hunter’s Spectral Displacer set
  • Bigby’s punch finisher
  • Owl Wagon Sparrow
  • Queen of Dragons Ship
  • Natural 20 Emote
  • Eye Tyrant Phantom Shell

Besides Mind Flayer, my favorites are Owlbear Chariot Sparrow and Eye Tyrant Ghost Shell. How cool is it to have an Eye of Beholder as a spy bot? But something is missing. Looking at these Destiny 2 cosmetics, I can’t help but think how awesome it would be to have Boo, a miniature giant space hamster, as a ghost in Destiny 2. Go for the laser eyes, Boo!

This crossover isn’t the first for Destiny 2, but it’s definitely my favorite as I’m a big fan of the Baldur’s Gate series and D&D in general. To get into a futuristic Destiny 2 x D&D mood, check out the official trailer for this crossover.

If you want to play the new Destiny 2 expansion, be patient as Destiny 2 will have 25 hours of downtime before The Final Shape launches. While you wait, check out Best Destiny 2 YouTubers to follow Pro Game Guides.

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