Destiny 2 will have 25 hours of downtime before The Final Shape launches

In preparation for the release of The Final Form, Destiny 2 will see an extended downtime period for maintenance. This is to be expected, The Final Form will be one big expansion, and the more maintenance we get the better. While I can’t help you with what you will be doing during said downtime, I can at least let you know when they’ll be down, and how long they’ll be out.

According to an in-game notification I received today, starting June 3rd and ending June 4th, Destiny 2 will be completely unavailable to play for 25 hours. If you’re planning to count the hours and can’t wait to get back on, we’ve got a guide on how to check the outage status yourself.

The starting times for the maintenance period on 3rd of June is as follows –
PDT – 09:00
MDT – 10:00AM
CDT – 11:00AM
EDT – 12:00PM
BST – 17:00PM

The end times for the maintenance period on June 4 is as follows –
PDT – 10:00AM
MDT – 11:00AM
CDT – 12:00PM
EDT – 1:00PM
BST – 18:00PM

While Destiny 2 is offline, preloads for The Final Shape expansion will be live, so use the downtime to get what will likely be very bulk download out of the way so you don’t have to wait around for launch day. It’s also worth noting that even after the big maintenance outage is over, there will likely be server instability and possibly even more fixes, so your experience might be a little choppy for a while.

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