Disney Dreamlight Valley teases Toy Story in a new trailer

A new Toy Story realm was revealed in this trailer from Nintendo's YouTube channel for Disney Dreamlight Valley. With over one million players, Disney Dreamlight Valley remains successful as a paid title in Early Access. Its player base is likely to grow even more once the game fully releases as a free-to-play title in 2023.

Many members of the community of the game took to Reddit to celebrate the new trailer and ask about future updates. If the teasers for Disney Dreamlight Valley updates continue to include new characters from old Disney favorites like Pixar's beloved Toy Story, it's likely to remain a big hit for a while.

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The new trailer for Disney Dreamlight Valley shows Toy Story

In the new trailer, we're shown what appears to be both a 3D realm of Andy's Room and a 2D street. Buzz and Woody are both shown as glowing, so they'll likely be characters you can invite back to your Village. Both Woody and Buzz themed costumes will hopefully come as a reward for increasing their friendship levels. The final shot of the trailer shows a camper that Buzz and Woody traveled with Bonnie's family during Toy Story 4, so the content update may span anywhere from the first to the last film in the series. Toy Story was announced with this trailer and twitter to be released as an update in Late fall 2022.

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