Dragon Quest 3 Remake is apparently still coming despite Square Enix claims of abandoning green HD games.

The Dragon Quest 3 HD-2D remake is coming soon with a teaser released recently by Square Enix. This comes unexpectedly as the company suffered notable losses earlier this year and switched to a more selective approach to HD game remakes.

Although the trailer doesn’t strictly mention Dragon Quest 3 specifically, we do get a look at the Dragon Quest logo, along with the lines ”the legacy begins” and ”Erdrick’s legacy draws near”. The Erdrick, an honorary title, is first referenced in the original edition of Dragon Quest 3 back in 1988. Moreover, the first three games of the series are also referred to as the ”Erdrick Trilogy”. This could also mean that the remake of the first three games might be happening, although the only remake that was announced before was for Dragon Quest 3 (back in 2021). The timing of the release of a new Dragon Quest teaser is not unusual as May 17th is celebrated as Dragon Quest Day in Japan.

We can expect a clearer look at what Square Enix is ​​planning on this in the coming months. If it is indeed Dragon Quest 3, then we can expect the game to look similar to Octopath Traveler – another very popular Square Enix series. The new teaser also highlighted the platforms the remake is coming to (Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S and PC).

The trial of this potential Dragon Quest remake comes after Square Enix announced in March this year that they had suffered “content abandonment losses” amounting to approximately ¥22.1 billion ($140 million) in a report. As a result, they revised their approach to developing HD games. A Dragon Quest 3 remake was announced back in 2021 and after that, there was no news about the title. With this teaser, it looks like Square Enix has focused on allocating resources to the Dragon Quest remake rather than other HD titles for now.

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