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Escape From Claymount Castle is a fun clicker adventure that challenged my wits and forced me to think outside the box to solve its puzzles. If you need help with some of the puzzles, here's a complete Escape From Castle Claymount walkthrough that will quickly guide you from start to finish!

Complete Escape From Claymount Castle Walkthrough Guide

Escape From Castle Claymount is an Adventure Escape Mysteries game that puts you in the shoes of the inmate of the said castle, and your mission is to move from room to room solving puzzles and figuring out ways to move from one room to the next. You can interact with certain objects and modify their position to open hidden chests, chests and other things that will give you clues to progress in the game.

Part 1: Jailcell

  • Approach the desk on the left, take the key (1)and go back.
  • Use the key to unscrew the nails and open the cabinet. (2)
  • Press the keyboard inside the cabinet in the correct pattern (3-4) and press the red button above.
  • Take the red ornament from the open drawer and go back three times (5).
  • Go to the right (6)approach the side of the wardrobe (7)and place the red decoration on the white egg.
  • Go back and approach the top of the wardrobe. (8)
  • Arrange the shapes as seen in the picture (Image 5) and press the red button at the bottom right.
  • Take the black hexagram, rearrange the shapes in the second pattern (Image 6)and press the button again.
  • Take the cardboard hat and inspect the hexagram.
  • Press the buttons on the hexagram in the following order: A, B, C, D, E, F.
  • Take the piece of paper behind the hexagram and flatten it to reveal an X.
  • Go back and then go right (9).
  • Approach the table (10) and type the code 315 into the drawer lock to open it.
  • Take the second piece of paper from the drawer and combine it with the first piece.
  • Turn to the window and approach the cell wall. (11)
  • Click on a brick to remove it and collect the key behind it.
  • Approach the colorful drawer (12) and use the key to unlock the top drawer.
  • Open the drawer, arrange the dominoes in the correct pattern (Image 8)and press MARCH!
  • Open the yellow partition on top of the drawer and take the red dart inside.
  • Look at the ceiling (13) and use the dart to pop the red balloon.
  • Look at the floor (14) and take the key.
  • Use the key to open the cell door and exit the cell.

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Part 2: Corridor

  • Go left and go straight to the door at the end of the hallway.
  • Place the hat with the numbers 643 on the goose's head.
  • Go back twice, turn right twice, and approach the wardrobe at the other end of the hallway.
  • Use the passcode 36 12 38 18 to unlock the wardrobe and open it.
  • Enter the drawer and go down the ladder.
  • Press the turn around an arrow in the lower right corner.
  • Go forward, then right, and approach the periodic table (1).
  • Read the sign on the table, go back and approach the orange safe (2).
  • Arrange the blue lines to spell the code 328 and unlock the safe.
  • Take the blue key and the magic wand inside, and approach the machine. (3)
  • Press the dots in the correct order four times to solve the puzzle (Images 3-6).
  • Take the cable and go back to the cell.
  • Use the blue key to unlock the blue drawer (4).
  • Place the dominoes in the correct pattern (Image 9)and press MARCH!
  • Open the blue partition above the drawers and take the round object.
  • Examine the item, and press the buttons in the correct order: A, B, C, D.
  • Take the telescope and go to the window. (5)
  • Look through the window and go right, then throw the telescope at the girl to get a marble in return.
  • Exit the prison, go left, then go forward and approach the cell to the right. (6)
  • Take the video player (7) and combine it with the cable in your inventory.
  • Use the video player on the green can to do a mind transfer to get a green fish from the can.
  • Approach the monster across your cell (8) and give him the magic wand to get a mushroom.

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Part 3: Chemistry

  • Climb the ladder again and approach the chemistry desk (1).
  • Place the flask on the metal flask (2).
  • Place the marble, the mushroom and the fish in the flask.
  • After the chemical is made, take the flask and pour the chemical into the orange dish on the left.
  • Take the black cat from the orange dish, turn around and go back up the ladder.
  • Open the door with the goose drawing and exit.
  • Give the cat to the soldier (3).

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