Every currency in Overwatch 2 and what they are used for

Overwatch 2 receives regular Battle Pass updates, which has led to some confusion regarding the game's coins. The number of coins, tokens, points and now prisms has ballooned over the life cycle of the game, resulting in now existing. six different currencies, each with a different use. So, let's go through all the currencies in Overwatch 2.

All currencies and their use in Overwatch 2

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If you're browsing Overwatch 2 like I am, you might be wondering what all the numbers mean. Don't worry, because the entire currency system in Overwatch 2 is a bit chaotic. Overwatch 2 attempted to implement various changes and transitions between older and newer currency systems, leaving many players confused.

From now on, there is six different types of currencies available in Overwatch 2 which are:

Coin Purpose
Overwatch Credits From the prequel, Overwatch, you can use this currency to buy cosmetics for your hero in the Hero Gallery, but only a few select items can be purchased in the shop using Overwatch Credits.
Overwatch Coins This is the main currency used to buy the premium Battle Pass and items from the shop or cosmetics for your hero through the Hero Gallery.
Overwatch League Tokens You can't win these for free; however, you can use real money to buy these tokens, which can be used to unlock special cosmetics during events such as the Overwatch League (RIP) sports event and others. Since these events no longer occur, there is currently no use for these tokens.
Legacy Competitive Points (CP) Transported from the earned bank of points from the previous season, these could be used to buy golden weapons for use in-game. As the name suggests, these are legacy points and cannot be purchased.
Competitive Points (CP) These are the follow-up to the legacy competitive points, which can only be earned through competitive modes to unlock season-specific weapons, such as the Jade weapon skins.
Mythical Prisms Mythic Prisms are the latest addition to Overwatch 2's in-game currency system, allowing players to acquire or upgrade exclusive and rare hand-picked skins throughout season 10. These skins can be obtained by progressing through the Premium Battle Pass or by purchasing them with real money .

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Price of Overwatch Mythic Prisms, Coins and League Tokens

As I mentioned above, you can buy some of these currencies with your hard-earned, real-world cash. Here's how much each of them costs:

  • Mythical Prisms:
    • 10 Mythical Prisms: $9.99 USD
    • 40 + 10 Mythic Prisms: $39.99 USD
    • 75 + 25 Mythic Prisms: $79.99
  • Overwatch Coins:
    • 500 Overwatch Coins: $4.99 USD
    • 1,000 Overwatch Coins: $9.99 USD
    • 2,200 Overwatch Coins: $19.99 USD
    • 11,600 Overwatch Coins: $99.99 USD
  • Overwatch League Tokens:
    • 100 League Tokens: $5.99 USD
    • 200 League Tokens: $11.99 USD
    • 400 League Tokens: $23.99 USD
    • 900 League Tokens: $47.99 USD

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