Fallout 4 player notices cigarette machine detail 8 years later

With all the buzz surrounding Amazon Prime's recently released Fallout series, dedicated fans and newcomers alike are returning to the games' wastelands to embark on their own post-apocalyptic adventures. One player shared his recent discovery of a cool detail about Fallout 4's in-game cigarette machines, and other fans are similarly amazed that it took them so long to notice it themselves.

Reddit user u/Splatulated shared his find on the Fallout 4 subreddit, simply stating that they had never noticed that the cigarette machines that can be found in bars, stores, and other buildings throughout the wastelands had a built-in lighter. It can be found on the left side of the machine, and is almost comically oversized.

I just noticed that the Cigarette Machines have a built in lighter
ofu/Splatted info4

I'll be honest, in the hundreds of hours I spent wandering the wastelands of Boston and looting every building I could for random supplies and crafting materials, I never noticed the oversized lighter sitting on top of the cigarette machines.

Responding to u/Splatulated, other longtime players also shared their disbelief that they had never noticed it before either.

“That's a big ass lighter, somehow I never noticed,” said u/El-Burkako, while u/zactorbeamz replied “You just blew my mind. I'm pretty sure I stared at one in a loading screen and never noticed. ” Me too, zactorbeamz… me too.

Another Redditor shared other threads where fellow Fallout 4 players also shared their surprise at the discovery. After hundreds of hours of gameplay, both u/Vamfrk3 and u/Rogue_freeman also made the same discovery.

This is just another example of how easy it can be to miss details that game developers painstakingly add to their games. Was it the slightly worse sightings in 2015 that made it so easy to miss, or were we all so caught up in our desert adventure that we didn't notice? I guess a bit of both.

Amazon Prime's Fallout series is available on the streaming service in its entirety now. Meanwhile, Fallout 4 can be accessed on Xbox Game Pass for free. It's also on sale on Steam, PlayStation and Xbox for 75% off.

It's not just the video games that hide some cool easter eggs and spoilers. Viewers of the show noticed a well-known painting by Todd Howard Napoleon in the background of one scene, and theorized about the contents of those vials that are so important to the demons.

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