Fallout 4 will improve next week with more graphics and performance options, fixes

For those who have been limping along on their post-apocalyptic journey in Fallout 4 since April’s messy update, relief may finally be around the corner. By post of Bethesda on X (formerly Twitter) today, another patch is scheduled for next week on May 13th to help smooth things over.

Fallout 4 is getting a new patch on May 13th

The long-awaited April 2024 update promised solid fixes for years-long performance bugs and a huge graphics upgrade to bring it up to speed with current consoles (PS5 and Xbox Series X|S).

Also, given the glowing reception of the first season of Amazon Prime’s Fallout series in the same month, everything seemed destined to come together.

However, when the April patch dropped, it turned out to be the polar opposite result. Players have taken to Reddit and Bethesda forums claiming that bugs scheduled for fixes have not yet been fixed and that new ones have appeared along with them.

Also, instead of the game getting more optimized, crash occurrences got worse. Reddit user “Radiant-Elevator” noticed that their game crashed at least three times in the past week while on PS4. Some people playing on Steam Deck have reported that the game doesn’t work at all for them.

On top of all that, many players who use mods have claimed that they have watched their files to disappear completely after the patch. Considering that many of the mods created for the game ironically helped solve some of the technical issues where Betheda’s patches fell short, this is especially damaging.

Image via Bethesda Studios

Needless to say, Fallout 4 needs even more help now than before, and Bethesda is assuring people that fixes for bugs that aren’t completely fixed will be coming to “all platforms” on May 13th. It is planned to include “new options for graphics and settings as well as additional fixes and improvements”.

In the meantime, Lone Survivors everywhere will just have to cross their fingers and tread carefully through the wasteland. Otherwise, the proverbial vault might shut down many players for good. Considering that Fallout 4 had some of the best numbers in its history

It’s no secret by now that Fallout 4’s first big patch in nearly eight years hasn’t made a good impression on even its most devoted players. Bethesda may be synonymous with its bug-ridden (yet beloved) catalog of groundbreaking RPGs, but they definitely dropped the nuclear football on this one.

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