Fallout viewers find out where they've heard Overseer Benjamin before

Many Fallout fans have racked their brains trying to figure out where they've heard Overseer Benjamin's voice before. Overseer Benjamin is one of the main characters in the Amazon Prime TV series Fallout and as soon as you hear his voice, you know you've heard it before.

Inspector Benjamin is a one-eyed, Cyclops-style character from Vault 4 in the television show. All the heavy mutants can make it hard to figure out who's playing him. The answer to the first part of the mystery is American actor Chris Parnell, who became famous after his appearances on Saturday Night Live. But while you don't see his face in it, he's probably best known to most for voicing Jerry in Rick and Morty and Cyril in Archer.

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In a television and film career stretching back to the mid-1990s, Parnell has performed in more than 20 films and starred in a who's who of great television series. This includes 25 episodes of 30 Rock playing Dr. Leo Spaceman, a character you can definitely hear echoes of in his portrayal of Overseer Benjamin in Fallout. Other credits include Doug in Family Guy and Fly in Hotel Transylvania.

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