Fans agree that Call of Duty is back after the latest Black Ops 6 teaser

Treyarch just revealed its first official trailer for Black Ops 6 and while the video itself didn’t show too much, the general community reaction was clear: Call of Duty is back. It has been four years since Treyarch was at the helm and we now have hope that they will bring the franchise to new heights.

I watched the trailer live and was pretty pleased with what Treyarch chose to reveal, keeping most of the information close to their chest. Seeing Bill Clinton, Margret Thatcher, George Bush Sr., and Saddam Hussein all in one trailer was a joy and has my mind wondering what kind of story Treyarch wants to tell. We can’t be sure exactly what Treyarch has in mind, but the Gulf War and Operation Desert Storm are good guesses.

Many comments below the YouTube video have positive things to say about the trailer or the future of Call of Duty itself. User ElectroLM10 hit each one with a reality check, saying, “I can’t wait; all the Black Ops titles with a guy sitting holding two pistols were absolute knocks.” Black Ops 3 was the weakest of the bunch, but both BO1 and BO2 were the best of the series and all three had a guy sitting with two pistols. AC35K is another user who jumped into the conversation, saying, “Black Ops 6 will be historic: Saddam Hussein, the Gulf War and Operation Desert Storm. We’re so back!”

Unfortunately, not everyone felt the same way; many commenters at the end of the live stream had only one thing to say: “L.” For those who don’t know, L is just a very quick way of saying “lost” or “losing”, so those gamers just didn’t believe the trailer hit the mark. This is likely due to its short length and lack of gameplay or cinematics, but at least they can rest easy knowing that more will be revealed at the Xbox Showcase on June 9th.

Reddit user xENJOYER talked about his tempered expectations in the trailer post, saying, “Looks amazing with an amazing premise, but let’s be honest: the tone will change two months after release and we’ll be fighting anime skins and Nicki Minaj on bad maps. , using AK -47 with cat skin I hope I’m wrong.”

Despite my own excitement, I share xENJOYER’s hesitations because I’ve had enough rabid Teletubbies beating me up in one lifetime. I hope Treyarch has a hard reboot without carrying an initiative, but only time will tell.

That’s all we have for the community reaction to the Black Ops 6 trailer. If you’re looking for more Call of Duty content, check out CoD fans demonstrating the terrible problem with the RGL-80 in Hardcore, Ashika Island is cut from Warzone and fans think there was a better solution, and more on Pro Game Guides. .

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