Flaws and all, Wuthering Waves is topping download charts around the world

It’s time to pop the champagne because Wuthering Waves has climbed to the top spot for downloads in over 100 regions. The fans are also overjoyed with the success of the game and with the beautiful art we received in celebration.

I love the joy on everyone’s face, but especially on Yinlin, an upcoming character I’m really looking forward to. I wonder if we’ll get some cool in-game rewards to celebrate the occasion (I never miss an opportunity for free stuff).

Earlier, Wuthering Waves also smashed its pre-launch targets despite many doubts. They managed to get 30 million pre-registrations, meet all the fan reward milestones (which I was very happy about), and put all doubts to bed. I can only imagine the joy that the developers at Kuro Games feel right now, knowing that so many people around the world are sitting and playing their game.

While they’ve been on the upswing, many issues that have plagued the game since launch leave a bitter aftertaste of that champagne for fans. Some of the worst issues included non-optimized gameplay, leaving fans struggling to run the game (even I had some issues on my monster PC at first), unskippable cutscenes, and a relatively slow story at first.

However, what I find extremely admirable about Run Games is that they have actively worked to improve Wuthering Waves and are committed to making it a fun experience for everyone. There are many updates in the future of this gacha game that will hopefully help maintain the current player base and even increase it.

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