Future XDefiant weapons will include Thompson, Famas, FAL, according to leaks

Leaks are spreading everywhere for Ubisoft’s hot new free-to-play arena shooter XDefiant. The latest concerns upcoming weapon releases to the game which will include some classic favorites like the Thompson, Famas, FAL and much more.

For all the leak hungry XDefiant fiends out there, the latest information is finally here – hot off the press. According to XDefiant data miner AgainTx, the leaks this time focus on an upcoming set of weapons to the game, with some genre standards that are sure to appeal to longtime FPS fans:

If you’ve been playing online first-person shooters on a consistent or casual basis for the past 5-10 years, then you’ll definitely recognize staples like the Thompson, G36, Famas, FAL and Bizon. These have been featured in all types of major shooters, ranging from the Call of Duty series to the Battlefield series to Counter-Strike.

I’m curious to see if the L115 will replace the already vastly overpowered TAC-50 sniper rifle. Here’s to hoping it arrives in a much more balanced form than the game’s current snipers, anyway.

XDefiant Reddit wants to see FAL and G36 added to the game

Assault rifles like the Famas and FAL have also regularly been part of meta builds in recent Call of Duty titles, such as the rebooted Modern Warfare trilogy. Players know that when they see these weapons arrive in the game, they will likely change the dynamics of the battlefield in a major way, but whether they will become as popular and coveted as in the CoD franchise remains to be seen.

What is certain is that the XDefiant Reddit has already requested the addition of the G36 and FAL to the game. So I imagine they will be delighted to hear about this latest news. Despite repeated calls to add the SCAR assault rifle, it doesn’t appear to be arriving anytime soon according to this latest leak, but who knows what the future holds?

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