Gigantic Rampage Edition Review: Ambitious but not there yet

Gigantic: Rampage Edition is a highly anticipated revival after seven years, but it doesn't seem to live up to expectations. While a fun game to play, the biggest problem is the change in the business model as well as a somewhat lacking amount of new content.

Character Design

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I have to give big props to Gigantic's pictures. While I do enjoy the way games can now recreate a human face and our movements almost perfectly, I have a soft spot for games like this. The unique and colorful art style of the characters made me want to play all of them at once, and out of the entire roster, I couldn't find one whose design I didn't like. I'm a particularly big fan of Griselma, a granny caller with the chicest glasses, and Wu, a froggy melee champion who hops around the map.

Not only do all the characters look different, but so do they behave differently and have different abilities. You'll find the typical sniper in Imani, but then you'll also have a Robin Hood-inspired Voden who uses a bow and arrows. In a game with many characters, it's not always easy to make everyone distinctiveand I applaud the developers for that.

However, this is largely the design of the original game with a few changes and only two new characters. Although I also love their design, you would expect more of relaunching a game after seven years. They didn't have to change any of the old characters, but some newer ones would be better. Considering the game went from free to play to buy to playmore heroes with the Rampage Edition could attract more new players and returning players to buy it.

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Score: 4.5/5


Gigantic Rampage Edition new map Heaven's Ward
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Gigantic has an overall fun vibe, from the colorful map and character design to the sound design and unique combat. Much like the characters, the map list of the game is very varied. There aren't that many, but everyone has them unique aspects, some being more linear, others vertical, and some with more hazards like cliffs and drops. I'm someone who tends to fall off maps, and I'm not even crazy; It just makes it funnier.

The maps will even differ between the two game modes. Maps in Rush, the fast mode that was added in the Rampage Edition, will remain unchanged during battle. The chief mechanic collects the Power Circles scattered across the map so it's relative simple mode to understand how the different areas.

Collision is the original game mode that has many additional mechanics, incl changeable maps. These can now contain dangers like flood areas or enemy ship setting up the map on fire. If you're used to the maps in Rush, be prepared relearn them. This mode also requires a lot more strategy, including Creature placement and hero placement. (More on the game modes below.)

However, I have the same problem with the characters: there are only two new maps in the Furious Edition. I admit they look absolutely amazing, and Picaro Bay is at the top of my favorite maps. But as a game that's trying to get fans to relearn how to love it, it just feels like more content is missing.

Score: 3.5/5


Giant Rampage Edition melee hero Wu in a battle in Practical Arena

You can choose from four classes of characters: Frontliner, Ranged DPS, Melee DPS, and Support. Some characters are hybrids between two classes that I love because you can play them in different ways.

All heroes in a class have two prefabricated constructions you can choose according to your fighting style, but you can also do custom constructions specifically tailored to your tastes. If there are too many options, I tend to just go with pre-made builds, but Gigantic has just the right selection. I had fun choosing the right skills and their upgrades for my favorite characters.

If you don't like to level up like me, Gigantic put out a new one Rush mode, which is essentially a faster Clash that kept the Power Circle collecting but removed the Creature placement mechanics. The Ranked system will basically be in Clash mode, so leveling will have to happen. But luckily, there is Automatic update an option I can turn on. Those who like the challenge and want to make adjustments to their game as they go, I respect you a lot, but I could never do that.

Overall, the battle is fun to experience, and there is a a hero to all. However, as someone who hasn't played the original, it was definitely an period of adjustment as I tried to figure out everyone's abilities and the best strategies. There was a lot of dying and not a lot of killing in those first few hours.

Score: 4/5

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Giant Rampage Edition hero Beckett fighting in Rush game mode
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Gigantic Rampage Edition is not demanding on your system. It runs fine on my potato laptop as well as my gaming PC, making it a perfect game to play while traveling with a lower spec setup. If I'm traveling to another city, my laptop will do, when usually I have to refrain from playing many games because it can't run them. If you are interested in a colorful MOBA 5v5 shooter reminiscent of Overwatch with his skills, then it will be easy to get into Gigantic.

However, the game has quite a large server issues, which prevented both new and returning people from joining the game. While server issues are a common issue that online games have to deal with, it's not ideal for the game to be almost unplayable just a few days after launch. I did have time to test characters in the Practice Arenabut there are only so many training mocks and Motigas you can kill on one map before you get bored.

Score: 3/5


While I love the way the game looks and plays, I also wish I could play it more without continuous server problems. This, along with the current game buy to play, really affected the relaunch negatively. It is room for improvementand I really hope they manage to do that with future updates, because I did have fun whenever I managed to get into a match.

(Disclosure: A free copy of the game was provided to PGG by the publisher for review purposes.)

If you want to play around with your own setup, check out How to make a custom build in Gigantic at Pro Game Guides.

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