Helldivers 2 players are not happy with new Polar Patriots Warbond

The recent Helldivers 2 update introduced brand new cosmetics and weapons as part of the Polar Patriots Warbond. This is an advanced pass that players can purchase with Super Credits. Unfortunately, most of the players are not happy with this update because its weapons are dull, and aesthetic choices are not for everyone.

Of all the things that don’t work for the game right now, the Polar Patriots Warbond introduced a weapon that just doesn’t fit the meta. The PLAS-101 Cleaner was a lukewarm addition to the game’s arsenal, making it one of the worst weapons in the game.

Image by Dushnila_complainer (Reddit)

User Dushnila_complainer rightly pointed out that the gun does the opposite of what it promises. By default, an energy-based weapon pays the longer you hold your trigger. The problem with the PLAS-101 Purifier lies in its rate of fire and damage.

Even if you choose to hold the trigger and fire it after a while, the gun has little output. A standard damage of 250 doesn’t feel great when the charging is so slow. If you’re fighting Automata Variants with this weapon, there’s a high chance you’ll be overwhelmed by faster enemies like Marauders and Berserkers.

The Reddit community has been quite vocal about the same. Currently, the game’s meta does not support Assault Rifles in general. This makes it quite difficult for players to go against larger hordes of enemies (like Terminids).

The user also pointed out the game’s ongoing issues that keep the quality of life at an all-time low. They mentioned how there haven’t been passives for any armor type in over three months, and there have been terrible balance decisions lately.

Going forward, it will be challenging for Helldivers 2 players to engage in a gameplay loop that doesn’t support their hard work. According to SteamDBthe game has 119,702 players (24 hour peak), which is less than half compared to its all-time high (458,709). A player drop like this is within the range of typical, although minor updates like this and the recent PSN discussion certainly don’t help. In any case, Arrowhead will have to find new ways to keep the game interesting.

The Helldivers 2 Discord community also does not support the Warbond update

Discord poll for Helldivers 2 official update.
Image by Pro Game Guides

The official Helldivers 2 Discord channel conducted a poll for the new update. At the time of writing, a large part of the players (47% vote) admitted that they didn’t like the new update. A lot of players are too asking for better patches and updates rather than cosmetic changes.

The comments section on this one points out that Warbond’s aesthetic just doesn’t match the theme, and the game’s current balance changes don’t have enough updates to keep players interested.

Currently, the only gameplay loop that has kept older players in the game is adjustable difficulty. With each new area of ​​the galaxy that is conquered, Helldivers 2 players have the opportunity to try similar missions with greater challenges. But, how long until players get tired of that too? Only time will tell.

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