Hi-Fi Rush gets review bombarded with a perfect score on Steam, now the highest-rated Xbox game at 97%

We’re all used to reviewing bombs in the most literal sense—like when fans had Helldiver 2’s scores plummet because of Sony’s questionable decisions. However, today, we saw something more incredible: a positive review “bomb” for Hi Fi-Rush as a gesture of support after the development studio, Tango Gameworks, was closed by Microsoft recently.

Hi-Fi Rush is getting a positive review on Steam

Hi-Fi Rush received a review on Steam but with positive scores. Because of this, Hi-Fi Rush is now the highest-rated Xbox and Bethesda game on the platform, currently at 97%.

While this is a positive review bomb is certainly an unusual case, it is not unusual for Hi-Fi Rushas its developer Tango Gameworks along with other Bethesda studios, was announced to be closed by Microsoft recently.

Following the announcement, Tango Gameworks took to X (formerly Twitter) to announce its closure as well as its thanks to fans for the support.

Needless to say, the closures were completely unexpected and took everyone by surprise.

Hi-Fi Rush received universal acclaim from both fans and critics when it was released back in January 2023 on PC and Xbox Series X/S. In our Hi-Fi Rush review, we called it an absolute head-scratcher and a possible Game of the Year Contender.

The game was also just released for PlayStation 5 less than a few months ago in March. It received numerous nominations and industry awards, including Best Audio Design at The Game Awards and the Game Developers Choice Awards and Best Animation at the British Academy Games Awards.

While most of the positive reviews are for Hi-Fi Rush, other Tango Gameworks titles are liked The Evil Within and its consequence are also reviewed with positive scores on Steam. The recent reviews of the games show support for Tango while others slam Microsoft for shutting it down.

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