Honkai Star Rail the Legend of the Galactic Baseball Player walkthrough

The Legend of the Galactic Baseball Player is an event in Honkai Star Rail that involves leveling up weapons and accessories by killing enemies to help earn Stellar Jades, credits, XP books and more.

How to play Legend of the Galactic Baseball Player in Honkai Star Rail

To get started, you need to go to the events menu. Click on the Galactic Baseballer event tab, then chat with the NPC Giovanni. After that, you have to interact with the arcade cabinet left to start. This will trigger the tutorial for this event. In the tutorial, you will get Tingyun, Trailblazer, Natasha and Pela.

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The basic premise of the Galactic Baseballer event is that you have 10 rounds of attackers this must be defeated in a limited number of attacks. To speed up your progress, you will receive weapons and items that deal additional damage and help strengthen your characters. You can upgrade these, and you can turn them into legendary weapons by making them to level eight and pairing them with the accessory that synergizes with it. You have room for a total of four weapons and four accessories, but this number can change later.

Leveling Weapons and Legendary Weapons

The weapon upgrade screen in Honkai Star Rail.
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As you fill your weapon slots with weapons, you can also acquire accessories. Each weapon has an accessory that it synergizes with, and that accessory is needed to transform that weapon into a Legendary version of itself. You can tell if the accessory synergizes with the weapon you have because it will show the weapon on the accessory card. For example, if you look at the screenshot above, Me for Allthe accessory, is connected both on its card and the bar on the left to All for Methe weapon

The legendary upgrade screen option for the Cryo Flame Thrower in Honkai Star Rail.
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Once you have the weapon and its matching accessory, you must level the weapon to level eight to unlock the legendary version of it. This means choosing that weapon when it appears in the random selection of weapons and accessories enough times; then, the next time you get a choice of upgrade, weapon or accessory, one of those cards will feature the upgraded version of that weapon. It is imperative to ensure that you fill your maximum number of weapons and accessories as quickly as possible to remove unwanted weapons and accessories from the pool.. This means you will get upgrades for the weapons and accessories you have much faster.

Raccoon tokens

The Raccoon Token Screen in the Baseballer Event in Honkai Star Rail.
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Racoon Tokens are a currency you get for beating waves and killing the elites in time. They are used to unlock Roguelite-type upgrades that follow you from planet to planet. These include things like flat damage increases, more accessory or weapon slots, and Enhanced Summoning. The best one to start with is Cosmic Capitalism; it increases the number of Tokens you get. You can rewatch these anytime for free, so you can customize these buffs to suit the team, the enemies you fight, and your preferred playstyle each new planet.

Easy Difficulty Planets

All three easy planets for the Galactic Baseballer event in Honkai Star Rail.
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The Galactic Baseballer event starts with three Easy stages, not including the tutorial. Each planet gives you access to three trial characters, and you’ll need to bring a fourth from your own cache. I’ve based each of the team builds around using the three trial characters and giving you an idea of ​​what a great fourth to add to your team for the best chance of success.

Volcanic Planet

When the Volcanic Planet appears, the first thing you’ll probably notice is that almost every enemy is weak to ice or fire. The test characters because this level is Herta, Himeko, and Lynx. Robin It is probably the best quarter for this team, but you can also have a well-built one Bronya, Ruan Meior even topaz in a pinch If you already have a great Aventurine built, you can also sub him instead of running Lynx. Since this is a 10-round fight, you’ll need some sort of healer. The enemies can nickel and dime your health before the planet ends if you don’t take care or heal yourself.

Planet description in Honkai Star Rail.
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You start this planet at level one All for Me. Me for All is the accessory that synergizes with it and allows it to become legendary. Focus on getting good weapons for your team; the Rainbow Bat and the Summon weapons are both good choices. I preferred the summon here as they kind of give you another teammate that can be quickly upgraded in the form of the weapon’s attack.

Cogwheel Planet

The Cogwheel planet is focused around DoT characters. It gives you access to trial Kafka, Black Swan, and Huohuo. All enemies have wind and lightning weaknesses. You start with Thunderbolt Thorns, which deals damage to the enemy tagged with the purple Thorns logo. This means you can use Kafka to blast the Thunderbolt Thorns or its upgraded form, the Shockbolt Crown, as long as you don’t kill the creature she hits. This can be challenging at first because the enemies in the first two rounds are pretty weak, but it will get easier as the rounds progress. I would also use Sweet Slumber here as it helps spread more damage through your enemies as your Basballer weapons grow in power.

Planet description in Honkai Star Rail.
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If you build with the test team, the best quarter is Ruan Mei. But you will need support for this team, so if you don’t have Ruan Mei, I would suggest Robin or Guinaifen. Sampa might also work here if you have no other options. Huohuo is important here for her ability to clear the debuffs of these enemies.

Frosty Planet

On Sugarfrost, you start with the Sweet Nap a weapon This explosive weapon explodes whenever an enemy dies, spraying all other enemies with AoE damage. Your trial characters for this one will be Break Effect builds, inclusive Boothill, Harmony Trailblazer, and Gallagher. The best quarter for this team is Ruan Mei because she is the best support for Break Effect; Bronja would also work. If you have both Bronya and Ruan Mei, you can also substitute the trial Harmony Trailblazer. Since the focal character here will be Boothill, it will be single-purposed entirely. I have found the Rainbow Bat to be incredibly helpful in helping to break and take out enemies.

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One issue I did have with this team was Gallagher’s healing. Since his healing is a debuff placed on an enemy, and the enemies were dying so quickly, it never had a chance to heal my characters. It’s very important with this build to make sure you keep an eye on your health and heal manually whenever you have to. Another thing that really slows this team down is when Cheetah summons her group shield. Be sure to save Gallagher’s debuff heal for when he does it, because you’ll probably be stuck with those enemies for a few rounds.

Normal Difficult Planets

Both intermediate planets for the Galactic Baseballer event in Honkai Star Rail.
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Then we have the mid-level planets. These have an additional buff called Adventure Strategy, and these last until you defeat the next boss or elite. You can choose one of three perks when you start the planet or when you defeat an elite (it replaces your current perk; they don’t stack). These are also much harder and they have more weapons and accessories unlocked for you; you will now have five weapon slots and five accessory slots, and you can choose items to always exclude from your pool.

Miniature Planet

Planet description in Honkai Star Rail.
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You start the first middle planet with the Frozen Flying Sword, which triggers an attack of flying swords every time your characters go three times in a row. All three of the test figures are follows: the team is Dr. Ratio, Topaz and Numby, and Robin. I found Aventurine to be an amazing fourth if you have access to him. But, since one of the Adventure Strategy cards you can choose is auto-heal, you can use Fu Xuan instead if you like. Pick whatever Adventure Strategy fits your team best to help fill any gaps in your team.

Happy Planet

Planet description in Honkai Star Rail.
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This is the final planet before Endless mode begins. Your starting weapon is Nihility’s Warning, which stacks until it explodes. You also start with team damage. The test characters are Acheron, Aventurine, and Pela. The best fourth is anyone you have that is a debuff character, such as Kafka, Black Swan, or even Silver Wolf.

I found that my own team did best with this; I used judgment Acheron along with my own built Kafka and my own Black Swan along with any Sustain unit. Regardless of what team you choose for this planet, it can start off a bit slow until you level and upgrade the Warning. I’ve found that choosing the Adventure Strategy that gives you three levels as your starting one makes a huge difference, and it doesn’t take away those three levels when you get a new buff after the first Elite. Getting the Thunderbolt Thorns as soon as possible is also a huge boon to this round.

Insane Difficulty Planet: Eternal Black Hole

Blackhole in the Galaxy Baseball Event in Honkai Star Rail.
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Infinite You can choose between all trial characters. I chose Kafka, Black Swan, Huohuo and Acheron, then chose the Thunderrock Thorns for my starter. I focused on the Thorns, the Ax, and the Warning of Nothingness. Then you start the Endless mode, lasting as long as possible with your team. This is a great time to experiment with your team, and your weapons, and figure out what works best with what teams you’ve already built. Keep completing this Crazy level challenge until you have all 20 levels of the rewards.

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