How to access the hidden challenge in Soulglad TM Scorchsand Audition Venue in Honkai Star Rail

Hidden Challenges are secret doors, locations, and access to other objects within the Soulglad TM Scorchsand area in Honkai Star Rail. To access these areas, you will need to match sounds within the pinball areas of these maps.

How to unlock Soulglad Scorchsand Hidden Challenges mode in Honkai Star Rail

To make sure you get the Warp Trotter and the Lordly Trashcans in Soulglad Scorchsand, you'll need to unlock the Hidden Challenges for each of the six pinball locations. You will have to go through this area twice, as each of the three areas has two sides, and you can only choose one side at a time. The first area, called Dreamplay Fantasia, has both an Action and an Acting side.

Each side has a puzzle that is required to complete to get all the Lordly Trashcans, Warp Trotter, and Treasure Chests in these areas. If you do not complete the Hidden Challenges mode, you will not have access to the entire area.

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When you jump into the pinball to get to the first area, you'll see that Dreamplay Fantasia has two options: Action and Action. Select one of these, and it will bring up a circular pinball-looking game. Each of these games has three interactive locations, and each of these locations is capable of making several different sounds, depending on how it is positioned.

When these mechanisms are in a specific combination of states and make the appropriate sounds, it will unlock the Hidden Challenges.

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In the lower right corner of this screen, there will be a button that says Festival Wiki. If you click on this, it will bring up the menu like the screenshot above, and it will have three musical notes. Click on the first musical note to hear the sound you are trying to match.

Go back to the pinball machine and click that part of the mechanism until it makes a matching sound.

After that, click on the Festival screen to listen to the next screen. Below, I've posted a YouTube video showing how to match the sounds and unlock the location of Hidden Challenges in Gun Time: Time Trial.

You'll need to do this for each of the six locations in the pinball area, including the Dreamplay Fantasia Acting Challenge, the Dreamplay Fantasia Action Challenge, the Gunfire Time Gunfire Challenge, the Gunfire Time Time Trial, the Superstar Showdown Arena I, and the Superstar Showdown Arena II.

Honkai Star Rail Hidden Challenges maps in Soulglad TM Sandscorch.
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