How to add friends and play co-op multiplayer in Wuthering Waves

Playing with friends always makes for a better and more efficient gaming experience. Wuthering Waves is no exception in this regard, having a convenient cooperative system. This guide will show you how to add friends and party with them in this very popular gacha RPG title.

Wuthering Waves: Online Multiplayer Guide

The passionate community of Wuthering Waves is definitely clamoring to tackle this vast open-world RPG together with friends. However, remember that you must be Union Level 22 start matching with other players of equal or higher level.

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If this might seem limiting or frustrating to some, then I’m happy to report that Wuthering Waves is very much designed to be a solo grinding and farming experience, so you should never feel stuck. So, Rover – it’s time to play and get high!

How to invite friends to play co-op in Wuthering Waves

Partying with your friends to enjoy the best of the collaborative Wuthering Waves experience first involves looking for for their account IDs and adding them as a friend

To do this, go to the main menu of the game and then to the friends section This will open the Friends menu, showing your full list of friends. To add a friend, simply look at the bottom right corner of this menu and press the Add a friend a button You will have to search for them by their User ID (UID) number and then add them.

The friends list menu in Wuthering Waves with the Add Friend button highlighted in the lower right corner.
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You can find your unique account ID in the main menu under the name of the Rover or in the Friends menu in the lower left corner.

Once your friend accepts your request, they will appear in your Friends menu. From here, you will be able to see when they are online and send them requests to both join their game or invite them into your world

Of course, the Friends menu also boasts a Block list feature if you need to avoid any unpleasant interactions.

How many people can you play online multiplayer with in WuWa?

You can only play with three friends in a lobby, this means that the maximum number of party members is four (including yourself, of course!).

Why play co-op in Wuthering Waves?

Your main character is engaged in a challenging boss fight in Wuthering Waves.
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They say two heads are better than one, and there are certainly major benefits to playing co-op in Wuthering Waves. For example, if a particular boss or quest is too high level for you, or you’re just having trouble – you can have a friend (or friends) jump in and help. Or if you suddenly run out of crucial crafting materials, just hop around different lobbies to craft farming materials easier.

Plus, with your friends, you won’t need to constantly switch between different Resonators while you’re playing either!

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