How to complete Installing the External Mobile Power Source in Wuthering Waves (Map)

Wuthering Waves can hit you with some challenging objectives during your quests, one of which is installing the external mobile power source. Fortunately, this guide will help you accomplish the goal of Installing the External Mobile Power Source.

When I completed the Hidden Dangers in a Peaceful Life quest and found this target marked by the tall computer-looking power plants, I thought I had to use the computer to power those. After poking around and looking for solutions, I figured I had to get the external batteries to power them.

How to find the batteries to complete Installing the external mobile power source in Wuthering Waves (Location)

  • Marked location of batteries to complete Install the external mobile power source in Wuthering Waves

To operate the stations, you must first find two external batteries. You can find both of them in a a tent behind the first power station near the small bridge. Go back from the power station, and then inside the marked tent, you will see the two batteries.

If you still have problems, look for the fast travel point, and you’ll find the two batteries inside the tent behind it. Once you find the two batteries, tap or press the indicated key to retrieve one using the Levitator Now, go to the first hub and install it using the prompt on your screen.

Return to the tent to get the second battery and go to the second power station to install the battery and complete the objective. Now you will get a dialog from Lei Li indicating that you have successfully turned on the stations, and after that, enter the tower to turn off the switch at the same time as Lei Li.

After that, all goals are simple; you just have to go to a bunch of different places to complete the quest and get your rewards (which include 400 Union EXP, 50 Astrite, 1 Advance Resonance Potion, 1 Advance Energy Core, and 12,000 Shell Credit).

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