How to Complete Remy’s Special Delivery Quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Along with the arrival of Mulan and Mushu in Disney Dreamlight Valley, we also have a brand new Remy quest to complete. This quest is repeatable, and you can earn very special rewards as long as you have some cooking experience. Here’s how to complete it!

Disney Dreamlight Valley Bon Appetit Quest Guide

Before you can start completing the Special Deliveries quest, you will need to find Remy and complete the Bon Appetit quest. This quest will introduce you to how the delivery works and the reward for completing them.

First, Remy will have you create some sample meals to hand out to some Villagers as a preview of what the restaurant will be able to do with the delivery system. You will need to make the following types of meals:

  • Elsa – Something with Slush Ice
  • Beauty – Dessert
  • Nala – A meal made with fish
  • Ariel – 5-Star meal

For these samples, multiple types of meals will work for each; they must meet the requirements. For example, there are many ice creams made with Slush Ice, and any flavor would work for Elsa.

Here are some easy dish ideas you can make for each (you can choose the one that works best for you; you just need to make one for each character):

  • Elsa:
    • Fruit Sorbet – Slush Ice x1, Any Fruit x1
    • Dream Ice Cream – Dream Fruit x1, Milk x1, Slush Ice x1
    • Pawsicle – Slush Ice x1, Sugar Cane x1, Any Fruit x1
  • Beauty:
    • Boba Tea – Sugar cane x1, Milk x1
    • candy – Any Sweetener x1
    • Minnie Gingerbread Cookies – Wheat x1, Ginger x1
  • Nala:
    • Delicious Fish – Any Fish x1, Lemon x1
    • sushi – Any Fish x1, Rice x1
    • Sweet Herring – Herring x1, Onion x1
  • Ariel:
    • Big Seafood Platter – Any Seafood x4, Lemon x1
    • Bouillabaisse – Any Seafood x2, Shrimp x1, Tomato x1, Any Vegetable x1
    • Pastry Cream and Fruits – Any Fruit x3, Milk x1, Sugarcane x1

Once you’ve made all four samples, scout out the Villagers around the Valley and deliver them. Afterwards, return to Remy to begin your next step in preparing the restaurant. He will give you new material, Wrought Ironwhich you can use to make some new furniture for the outdoor seating area.

Remy will have more Wrought Iron for you every day, so you can continue to expand the decoration if you want. For now, bring the Wrought Iron to the nearest crafting table and make either a Paris Chair or an Ornate Paris Chair in the Furniture tab. The tables also count towards the quest, but you’ll only start with the 5 Forged Iron that Remy gives you. You only need to do one of the items to complete the quest.

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Next, take your newly crafted item to the front of Chez Remy in Dreamlight Valley. You will have to put it somewhere outside the restaurant. Make sure it’s not too far away, or it won’t count. Once you do that, enter the quest with Remy.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Special Deliveries Quest Guide

After you finish the Bon Appetite quest for Remy, you’ll have to wait an entire day before you can return to him and ask him to make more deliveries. From talking to him every day, You can take more order requests, like the ones you made for the samples. These commands will require you make a random dish using the required ingredient or dish. He will not give you specific recipes; instead, you have to come up with one or use one of your known recipes that fits. If you have trouble coming up with a dish, filter your recipes to Searches (the star icon at the bottom of the tab), and a set of options will appear fulfilling the requirements for the delivery.

The special reward you get for completing the daily quest is more Wrought Iron. By completing a delivery every day, you can provide the material and continue to expand the outdoor dining area at Chez Remy. Some of the items require a lot of Iron to make, so you’ll need to complete these daily quests a few times to earn enough.

Here’s a look at all the things you can make using this special new material:

Paris Chair/Ornate Paris Chair Paris Table/Ornate Paris Table Wrought Iron Pavement Slab Decorated Paris Statue
Forged x5 Forged x15 Forged x2 Forged x100

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