How to complete the Haze of Misery trial in Blox Fruits

The world of Blox Fruits is full of various puzzles that you will have to solve in order to progress and get the items you want. Haze of Misery is one of those tests, and you need it to get the Double Cursed Katana. This guide will teach you how to complete Haze of Misery in Blox Fruits.

Haze of Misery is one of the three tests you must complete to obtain the Double Cursed Katana by interacting with the Yama Scroll. To find this scroll, go to Turtle Island in the Third Sea and go to the Mansion.

  • Yama Scroll in Blox Fruits

Behind the mansionyou will see the big one white building, and on the right side of this building is the entrance to the room where you can start the tests. You will have to get yours Yama and Tsushita to level 240 to begin the Haze of Misery Trial.

How to find all the enemies to complete the Haze of Misery Trial in Blox Fruits

When you interact with the Yama scroll, the world will become foggy, and you will have to find and kill enemies marked in purple. First, eliminate all the purple-marked enemies on Turtle Island, which you can easily find using Instict V2.

Now, you have to go to every island in the Third Sea to kill these purple-marked enemies. Traveling by sea can be difficult, and here’s how to make things faster.

  • The best thing is to use the Portal Fruit and open portals for each island to travel there and eliminate enemies.
  • The second best scenario is to have fast flying fruit, which you can use to go from one island to another. You can use the Castle on the Sea as your home point to go back to and travel back and forth from there.
  • Lastly, you can customize Castle on the Sea like yours home point and use ships go from one island to another, using Castle on the Sea as your way back after each island.
A secret temple on Hydra Island in Blox Fruits
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If you have traveled to all the islands to kill all the purple-marked enemies and the trial has not ended, you probably missed the ghosts at the secret Yama room on Hydra Island. You can find this room by entering the main waterfall at Hydra Island and breaking the wall using your attacks. Here, all the ghosts will be marked purple after you’ve killed all the other purple-marked enemies.

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