How to deal with Tulip Snakes in Lethal Company

With so many monsters added on different moons, it becomes increasingly difficult to stay safe and continue to do your job. Learn how to deal with Tulip Snakes in Deadly Company so you don't get caught and killed.

How to avoid Tulip Snakes in Lethal Company

They may not look like much, but these creatures can be dangerous to you and even kill you. Here's how to avoid Tulip Snakes in Lethal Company.

These creatures can be found on forest moons Vow, March, and Adamance. They appear only during daytime, so you can see them anytime from your arrival until 5 p.m. For creatures that fly, I've mostly seen them walk across the ground before they jump.

They will make a distinction squawking noise when they are around. Additionally, they tend to have bright colors which stand out from the greens of the forest moons. If you spot them, go another direction and use your sprint to avoid them.

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When a Tulip Snake notices you, it will jump on your head. As you walk, it will keep peeking at you and croaking. Having only one of these creatures on you is not dangerous. It honestly feels like you have a pet. You can take them with you into the factory, but if you get hurt by any other monster, they will also be taken out.

The real danger comes when more than one begin to cling to you. Once they attach to your body, they will begin to flap their wings and begin lifting you up in the air Don't jump in this situation because you will only help them lift you higher.

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Don't worry, they won't take you long. However, they do drop you of great enough heights after they get bored, which will to do damage to you, but surprisingly not much. After you are dropped, the squad of Tulip Snakes that carried you will fly away. Don't think you're out of the woods yet, like a a different set of these creatures can also immediately attack you, as I had the pleasure of experiencing.

If you are very low healthdo your best to avoid getting caught and carry a melee weapon so you can swipe and kill them.

How to kill Tulip Snakes in Lethal Company

These creatures are beautiful easy to kill, have them stuck to you on your crew member. The easiest way to kill Tulip Snakes in Lethal Company is with shovel. Since these are out of day monsters, there are chances that you will encounter them even when you just enter a building. Buy one shovel from the store and be ready to hit them.

If there are more on you, just one hit of the shovel will take them all out, so they shouldn't have much health. It's the same case if they swarm a teammate.

A zap gun as well as the stun grenades will kill these creatures too. The stun grenades are probably a waste since they are only one use and can be used on more dangerous monsters, but if you already bring in the zap gun, you can easily take out the Tulip Snakes.

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