How to do the mission “The Whisper” in Destiny 2 Into The Light

Into the Light brings a classic exotic quest back to Destiny 2, with The Whisper quest renamed as Whispers of the Past. Below, I will explain where to find this quest and how to start it.

How to start Whispers of the Past Exotic quest in Destiny 2 Into the Light

The Whispers of the Past is an exotic quest promised to Destiny 2 players alongside Into the Light. To start this quest, you will need to go to the Quests tab and then go to the moon talk to It was Morn. Once you have obtained the quest, you will be prompted to complete it The Whisper search accessed through the Director. Upon completion, you will receive the Whisper of the Wormexotic solar powered sniper rifle.

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To access it, simply go to the Directory and click on the In the Light node. There you will find The Whisper quest, designed for 1-3 players with a recommended power level of 1810 or higher.

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How to get Whispers of the Worm exotic solar sniper rifle in Destiny 2 Into the Light

Once you load into the Grove of Ulan-Tan Lost Sector, the task is simple, to get through the end. However, you will be given a 20-40 minute timer, depending on the difficulty level you choose. The main highlight of the quest is to win Tulgorh, the Aspect of Agony. You'll find yourself in a room where you have to shoot Vex cubes and eliminate mini-bosses before facing the main boss.

To complete the quest, you simply have to defeat the wizards to lower Tulgorh's shield and then eliminate him. Once done, you will receive your exotic sniper rifle.

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