How to find and capture Katress Ignis in Palworld (Map)

Katress Ignis is very useful at base, but it is even more useful for the items it drops (specifically the Tech Manuals). To get these items, you’ll need to find and capture Katress Ignis in Palworld, so check out where to find it below!

Where to find Katress Ignis in Palworld – Location

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When you check the Katress Ignis Paldeck entry, you will see that there is nothing to indicate its habitat. That’s because this Friend can only be found in the Dungeons of Sakurajima, marked on the map above. If you want to get Katress Ignis, you can go to all the following coordinates:

  • -584, 218
  • -573, 195
  • -609, 178
  • -679, 192
  • -621, 272
  • -594, 290
  • -352, 134

How to catch Katress Ignis in Palworld

You have to be really ready to catch Katress Ignis because you will have to go through some of the most difficult Palworld Dungeons to achieve it You will also have to go through the other Comrades (Bushi Noct, Kikit, Maraith, etc.) and enemies that live in its caves. I suggest you take it with you Assault Rifle with many bullets and a Rocket Launcher with at least a few rockets to clear areas with multiple enemies.

Because it usually is level 40-50you will want to bring Legendary Realms to make sure you can actually catch it. While in the Dungeon, feel free to explore and capture everyone other great itemssuch as the Lotus and Cave Mushrooms.

How to breed Katress Ignis in Palworld

The only way you can hatch Katress Ignis is if you breed two other Katress Ignis Pals. There are currently no other combinations you can use to get this Friend. Try to catch at least two in a single run (a male and female specifically) in a Dungeon, and you can breed as many others as you want without the stress of exploring Dungeons.

All Katress Ignis Skills in Palworld

Katress Ignis is a great friend to have at the base. It’s not particularly great at anything, but it can get the job done many things and cover for your other friends when they are busy. You can also use this Pal to get more loot of Grass-type Buddies.

  • Handiwork lv2
  • ignition lv2
  • Transportation lv2
  • Production of Medicine lv2

A few Katress Ignis are great to have in a base, but definitely kill or dismount (butcher) the rest for great robbery. You will get Flame Genes, Katress Hair and the best item, a High Grade Technical Manual. The Manuals are one of the few ways you can get Tech points and unlock levels on the Tech Tree after you’ve fully leveled and activated all the quick points.

If you want to know how to get the exact egg you need, check out the All Palworld Breeding Combos table at Pro Game Guides.

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