How to get and upgrade the Imaginary Friend Design in MW3 Zombies (Map)

The third Dark Aether Rift is one of the new additions to the Zombies mode in MW3 and one of the relics needed to open it is the updated Imaginary Friend Drawing. Here's how you can get and upgrade it in MW3 Zombies.

Where to find the Imaginary Friend Drawing in MW3 Zombies (Location)

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The Imaginary Friend Drawing relic can be found under a second floor bed in a mansion located at the I7 coordinates of the map above, east of Shahin Manor. By looking under the bed, you will not get an incentive to interact with it naturally.

mw3 imaginary friend drawing place
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To get the interactive prompt you will need the Death Perception perk. But, even without that advantage, pressing the interactive button will make the Entity from the Dark Aether speak, after which a reward will appear with the Imaginary Friend Design.

mw3 imaginary friend drawing
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How to update the Imaginary Friend Design in MW3 Zombies

mw3 f5 ether rift triangle location
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After getting the Imaginary Friend Drawing, go to the top spot at the F5 coordinates of the map, and you'll find a pink/purple triangle. Stand on the triangle and shoot the runes at the buildings around you (in any order). Next, go to the top of the bridge-like structure near the triangle and you'll have the chance to perform a Summons.

    mw3 imaginary friend drawing an ethereal rift triangle invoking a location
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When starting the summon, zombies will appear within a purple radius. Get rid of them quickly. A special zombie will appear later; killing the special zombie will reward you with the upgraded Imaginary Friend Drawing with a reward slot, which will be essential to open the Third Dark Aether Rift.

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